Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In September, Jason and I took our bi-yearly adult trip with our best friends to somewhere amazing and tropical!  It's essential to our marriage to try and take that trip every other year.  This year, we had waited until September to get the room we wanted.  It meant the boys were in school and we had to ask dad to come out and stay with them.  I never really thought twice about asking him and booked him a flight soon after we booked ours!  
Most people were enamored that my DAD could handle my THREE kids for an entire 7 days alone! (oh and there's also a small dog thrown in the mix!)  I didn't even flinch at the thought.  I knew he could handle them.  I knew they would love it and I knew he would love it more!  He's pretty special and I love them getting to spend time with him.  I do feel lucky(and jealous) that he made staying a week with 3 kids look so easy!  I'm not sure I can do the same and I am their MOTHER!  

He got homework done, folders signed, children bathed, milk replenished and even a couple of HAIR BOWS IN!  Now, she may or may not have worn the same pair of shoes all week long but she now has a perfectly good pair of play shoes that she commonly refers to as her "pawpaw shoes"!  
Meanwhile, We were doing lots of THIS^ and THIS v

And a little bit of THIS!  

You'd think he'd have jumped from my moving van at the airport but he didn't!  He didn't even look like he planned to buy in-flight cocktails!  
Let's all give it up for THIS GUY! 
 He saved our trip and made it look effortless!

That's MY DAD!

Serving Saturday

It was as if God painted this beautiful sky as a reward for us rising to serve him!  The boys and I participated in our church's Serving Saturday by joining in the mobile food pantry.  We did it last year as well and the boys were excited to participate again.  I love seeing them excited about having a purpose!  They both jumped in to help organize the snacks.  They somehow found themselves in the prepackaged snacks department.  Which is surprising considering how healthy they eat at home!  But really, mama tries.  I really do!!

Anyway, they were in their element, sorting between chips and twix bars!  Lincoln looks like a pro dumping out those candy bars as Jackson comes in from behind.  

With help, they sorted this mountain of snacks for the people that were waiting.  Some families had been waiting for their turn since 6am!  I'm so happy that the boys have opportunities to see and help those less fortunate than we are.  As we prayed for the families we were reminded that we weren't here to judge them by the kind of car they drove or what they were wearing.  We don't know what it's like to walk a day in their shoes.  We were only there in love to serve those who showed up!!  

The serving saturday shirts were cool, I loved this verse on them!

With all the politics, hate and unrest in the world... we would do better to remember this more.
We LOVE because he first LOVED US. 1 John 4:19

Friday, February 10, 2017

Girls Gone Wild

All the way back in May, Lillian and I busted out of "the bubble" (otherwise known as The Woodlands) for a little girls trip to the zoo downtown.  We met her BFF Chloe there too!  The girls were so excited and it's their first trip to the zoo where they really "Got it" and enjoyed seeing the animals.  They ran and giggled like little girls do!  We packed a picnic lunch and ate early.   We knew it was going to heat up and the crowd was sure to pick up as well.  We are no fools, we know better than to be caught downtown in rush hour and that can start as early as 3pm sometimes!  If I've learned anything in Houston it's my way around the HOV lanes!  I can get to them from almost anywhere and its insanely gratifying to drive right by traffic that's at a full stop for miles and miles!  

The girls loved the meerkat tunnels and kept popping up to watch them while making sure we were still there to see them.

Belle was also along for the ride.  She's half as big as Lillian but she insisted that Belle wanted to see the animals too.

You can't visit the downtown zoo without a spin around Herman Park on the train!  It was a nice way to cool off in the ever increasing heat of Houston pre-summer summer.

We also got to visit the new Gorilla enclosure.  It was finished last summer but we didn't make it then.  They were lively and the girls were amused!  It really is crazy how human like these guys are.

The petting zoo was also a big hit!  The little goats and sheep will nearly run you over trying to get to you to eat your dress  love on you!

We had all the fun we could stand by 1pm and were able to hit the road before any hint of rush hour!  We made it back to the bubble safe and sound...until next time! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

(un) Lucky number 7?!?

Some might say that having a outdoor birthday party during what was likely the worst thunderstorm Texas has seen recently followed by the FLOOD of 2016 wouldn't be considered very lucky.  
Not this guy!
And apparently not most of his friends either! 
I had the genius idea to host Lincoln's birthday party at a park after school.  He wanted to invite his WHOLE class and I know how hard it is to have a birthday party commitment EVERY weekend.  So on Thursday afternoon, all of his class was invited to the park for an ice cream party!  As the afternoon approached, the thunderstorms were forecasted to keep getting worse.  I had several worried mothers call me and ask if we still planned to party. With 3 gallons of ice cream and 200 water balloons, I had NO indoor backup plan.  (Nope!  Not my house!)  

We arrived despite the imminent weather and set up the ice cream.  As school let out, the weather did just as expected and got MUCH worse.  By the time most of the kids arrived, it was somewhat like a lightening show or as the new 7 year said, "It's fireworks!"

Ice Cream and all you can eat toppings was a big hit with the first grade sector!  Most of them got way more toppings than they could possibly consume but that's half the fun apparently!  

Nothing could possibly be more fun than whip cream.  There wasn't a drop of this leftover and I bet you'll never guess why!

There was a small, and I do mean SMALL break in the lightening and we let the kids have at the 200 water balloons that I had pre-filled.  I envisioned them picking them up and tossing them a few at a time but Noooooooo, I said Go and within 30 seconds every single balloon was smashed into a shred of latex on the ground.  I guess it was a really fun 30 seconds!

By the time we finished up, the rain had started and I do mean STARTED!  It didn't stop for the next 3 days.  The days that followed led to severe flooding in our area and areas beyond ours as well!  It was intense and they even missed a day of school because of it! 

But apparently it was "the best party EVER!" as quoted just this week by Lincoln as we visited that park again and he reminisced of his Lucky Birthday!