Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easter Sunday

We didn't do anything extra special for Easter.  We went to church, we had a ham and sides and we took a nap!  We celebrated He is Risen with our family.  

Lillian wore a special dress that my mom made for my sister at least 30 years ago.  It's likely one of the most elaborate dresses she ever made.  It's a vintage french hand sewn dress that is exquisite in EVERY detail.  I was old enough to remember her making them, ironing them and having our portraits made in them.  Portraits that I realize now were a stretch for us but they were important to her and she made it happen!  

It takes a special dress to hold up for 30 years and look this amazing!  I loved this dress on Lillian, it looks like it was made for an angel!  
We get to church and as I drop her off in the nursery, I see they are stamping.  With ink.  Using their hands.  Um.....I did drop her off but the minute I got around the corner, I told Jason he HAD to go get her. She was wearing a priceless 30 year old dress and it didn't mix well with hand stamps!  I didn't mind having her with me for service anyway!  

When we got home, I got the dress off but not the slip before she hit the door for the trampoline.  She romped around in her bloomers and slip like she was getting away with something.  It was almost as cute as the dress itself!  

She's such a little angel and we are all so thankful for her!  

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Fun Friday in May

One Friday in May, we had lunch plans that fell through at the last minute. We didn't let that stop us from having a girls day!  We made up plan B as we went along.  The first stop was feeding the ducks at Northshore park.  They were pretty excited for the tortillas we had brought along.  See even the Texas ducks like Mexican Food!  

Next, we met some friends at the Library and took the Woodlands Trolley ride on it's loop.  She knows a thing or two about a trolley from her favorite TV show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  She was excited to ride it and even more excited to be with little friends!  Now every time we see the Trolley, she says, "I ride tolly wit B?!" 

Next, we took market street by storm.  We went shopping with the big girls!  I won't say she didn't have some hesitation (read whining) but she did pretty well while we hit some of the fun stores in the market street area.  

Then I knew it was time.  She needed her first Frappaccino from starbucks!  I laughed as I ordered because when I was her age, I got fudge pops.  She gets a $3 fancy coffee shop drink.  She doesn't know how good she has it!  But she loved that vanilla frappe!  I'm pretty sure it won't be our last.  

I waited a long time to have a shopping buddy.  The boys will do it but not without complaining.  Now, maybe I can create my very own kind of monster!  

Just look at all that SASS! (her vintage purse was mine oh, 30ish years ago!)

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday!  

Lillian and I enjoy Monday's!  It's the first day in several that the house is quiet and WE control the TV!  It's the day we go to the store.  We try to hit the grocery store isles in the morning hours bc that's when I find the clearance produce we use for the week.  It's cheaper and these people eat A LOT!  I base our meals on what we happen to find, sometimes it's a winner and sometimes we have to move to plan B.  We never get out of the store with out a cookie.  In fact, Lillian asks for the cookie before we even get in the door.  "Can has a coooookie pease?!" I always make HER ask for it and HER say thank you.  If not, no cookie.  Then we move on to the deli where she stops for her "cheese pease?!"  They cut the free cheese into shapes like hearts and stars.   She prefers the heart.  
At the checkout, we have 2 options.  If at Kroger, there is a penny horse to ride.  Occasionally, we will spring for riding it twice!  And at HEB there is a kiddie slot machine.  Both are loads of fun for the 2 year old sector.   Honestly, Lincoln still finds them quite enjoyable as well!

Next, we try and make it to the Barnes and Noble story time at 11.  Sometimes we listen to the story and sometimes we just play with all of the stuffed animals that are there for purchase!  Coloring time is our favorite, if we make it that far.  

If there is time, we check in at the mall pet store.  Not my favorite place in the mall but they let you play with the little puppies they have for sale and I can't pass up the chance to hold puppies!  Lillian loves to think she's bossing them around, "Don't jump puppy" and "No bite puppy!"

After story time and puppy playtime, we head inside the mall for some refreshment.   She likes chicken.  What kid doesn't?  And it helps that it's right next to the carousel.  If only the carousel was a penny a ride!  (It's more like $2.50!)  She always chooses the cat.  The cat is the only carousel animal that seems evil.   You see, this particular cat has a bird in it's mouth.  What I can only assume is a DEAD bird.  On a Carousel?  Odd.  And WHY does my little girl choose it?  Poor blue bird!  

On our way back to the car we stop into Pottery Barn Kids to pretend we're having tea in their perfectly set up rooms before we go back the reality of our not so perfect house!  

But we did have the perfect Monday, if you ask us!  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bow down, throw down

I don't think it's news to anyone that she's the BOSS of me.  Not only me but she's the boss of everyone in this house.  From the time she yells "mama" from her bed upstairs she's tellin me what to do and you bet I'm doing it!  "Mama, i ona get OUT" then she says, "Mama, ead butch (read book)" and I do that too!  Then we walk to the stairs and although she's fully capable of walking down the stairs alone, she demands to be held walking downstairs in the mornings. "Mama, I ona hold you!"  She goes straight to her chair and wants to sit.  She will sometimes sit there for over an hour.  She LOVES her highchair.  She then says "Mama, I ont some ILK!" So I jump right on it like a short order cook at the Waffle House.

Then we get dressed and on Wednesdays we have bible study.  Well, she goes to play with her freeeeends, and I go to bible study.  Before leaving the house, we need a snack.  usually fruit snacks, picked out by her and placed in her purse.  

Last week, she had her fruit snacks on the way to bible study like usual.  She then got her diaper bag and dug through it and found another fruit snacks and asked to open it.  I told her she could have it at lunch in her class.  She asked again several times and I proceeded to ignore the request.  Then we got out to go inside with her still insisting.  She asked to walk and held my hand with the fruit snacks in the other hand.  She was still asking me to open them.  Once we walked into the foyer at church she got in front of me and pleaded for me to open the fruit snacks.  I told her again that she could have them in her class at lunch time.  Well, that didn't sit well with her.  After all, she IS the boss of me!  She stopped and wasn't moving another muscle.  Luckily there was a bench nearby so I got comfortable and proceeded to watch this dramatic display unfold before my eyes.  Boy, let me assure you, it was NOT disappointing.  It was one of her better performances if you ask me.  First she threw the fruit snacks down.  Next, our vintage stuffy Big Bird from Sesame Street got the boot.  And finally, she jerked that 5 inch gross-grain ribbon out of her hair and tossed it to the ground to show me she means business.  The BOW is DOWN.  She then proceeded to slap her own face repeatedly in the dramatic finale.  It was quite an act!  I sat in awe that my baby could put on such a display.  You see, something awesome and terrible happened in February.  She turned TWO!  Now, these types of productions happen fairly often.  Not always to the bow throwing proportions but you KNOW when the bow comes off it's like when you're momma calls your middle name.  IT.  IS. ON!
Luckily they are usually short lived and after the drama is completed, we can go about our merry way with her bossing me and me allowing it (to some degree).  For the record though, I did NOT open those fruit snacks.  I let her think she's the boss sometimes but I like to win!

If you're ever had kids, I'm sure you've also had a 2 year old BOSS and you know sometimes they are the best but sometimes they are the absolute WORST!  

Rodeo is back again!

In March, Rodeo Houston was back again!  We always try to take advantage of this prime people watching opportunity but last year we really got into the "rodeo" part since Jason and I got tickets to see the actual reason this whole hoopla exists.  This year, we knew we wanted to take the kids.  The bull riding, bucking broncos and the rodeo clowns were not to be missed.  Then there was the calf scramble and the big time mutton bustin' that we knew they would love.  We got to see it TWICE this year too!  We finally figured out that the concert and the rodeo are kinda one in the same, you go see the rodeo and there's a little concert afterwards.  This year we saw Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban play.  It was the kids first real "concert" so that was pretty cool too.  They all liked the rodeo best, just as we thought.  Even Lillian got to hang for the concerts.

It was spring break week so Dad got to join us at the Rodeo again, he's become a regular rodeo Houston visitor with us!  I think he just comes for the fried corn dogs!

The giant Ferris wheel is always a favorite ride.  I'll admit, my fear of heights increases as i get holder.  I held Lillian a little tighter at the top of that thing while she leaned over to ooooh, and Ahhhh at the carnival below.

We all kinda love this guy!
But sister loves her paw-paw more than most!  They talk on the phone nearly every single day.  They share their love of chocolate, ice cream and pistachios!

This girl must have felt famous as she had an entire entourage waving and smiling at her every single go around the carousel!

The obligatory giant BEEF rib.  We are anti-turkey leg so this was the next best thing.  You know, the protein before we consumed 2 fried oreos and a fried smores!

The boys love the fun house. I usually think they are boring and silly but they always want to do one.  I think it's their dad in them!

That wide-eyed look says it's way past my bedtime and the concert hasn't even started yet!!

Hat's off to my parents for bringing me to a concert at two years old, letting me stay up way too late, AND bringing my favorite paci along to keep me happy!

So the first go at the Rodeo, we missed the mutton bustin', we got there too late, it was already full and we had a SUPER sad 6 year old on our hands.  I promised him if there was a riding that sheepny way possible, i would stand in line and make sure he got to do it on Sunday when we returned.  He had been practicing since EARLY that morning, even scaled our 9ft backyard fence to practice.  He was wearing his boots before we even ate breakfast!  So, on Sunday, I literally RAN to the tent to get in line for him and it paid off.  Only about 30 minutes later, I had him a spot!

He did pretty well and was proud of his medal.  

Then we got on as many rides as possible before the rodeo started.

Another Rodeo Houston is in the books!  We had a great time bringing the kids, until next year...Yee'haw!

Monday, April 11, 2016

My baby and her babies

There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than my baby tending to her babies!  Its another one of the long list of things that made me HAVE to have a girl!  I loved playing with babies and can still remember it fondly.  She loves to read books about babies too and I can remember reading those very same books!   She's a great little mommy.  She's into baby wearing and has several different strollers for different types of walks.  She never leaves their blanket or paci at home and if they have a hat, it needs to be on their head!  

Our babies love to swing High!

And sometimes the only way to get dinner cooked is to put them on your back and get to it!

Sometimes we walk our babies to the store...

And we end up with quite a load on the way home.  We live close to the store but not that close.  Little legs have a hard time keeping up!  This pic takes the "mommy hook" to a whole new level!

I love to see her be inventive with the beds and wraps she chooses.  Most moms are quite resourceful and she is no exception!

She also lets them eat Cake!  All good moms let their kids eat cake for breakfast!  Just ask her!

She's even willing to be mom to the ones without a mother.  She saw the pile at the Disney store and she wanted to take them all home!  No one can say she doesn't have a big heart!

She takes her baby down the slide safely in her lap.  She counts 2-2-free!

And she never leaves them without a big hug!

But there are still times when she proves to be MY baby. And I love ever single second of it!   Little does she know, she will ALWAYS be my baby!

Sometimes she has a whole bunch of babies that need tending to...

And sometimes those babies get the boot.  They were probably throwing a 2 year old tantrum but you see where that gets you with this strict mama! (Promise, i've never tossed her onto the floor!)

She gives some of her babies a bath.  And she double checks to make sure all their ewww's are clean!

Sometimes you take your babies on a walk...

And you end up injured and riding back in their stroller while your brother rushes you home for a band-aid.  

Lucky for me, my baby still  needs me to tend to her sometimes too!