Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to soothe a sad momma

Ok, so this disrupts Mari's chronological order of the blog but this had to be said and it needed to be today, for me and for the rest of the world to know I'll come out alive on the other side. Today was a sad day for us. We had to drop daddy back off at the airport on a very early, very rainy Halloween morning. There would have been no good time to do this task, so for us, one day was as good as the next. Jackson is always so good with this Army life transition of Daddy home, Daddy not. It's all he's ever known so when the time comes to say goodbye again, he does it with a smile and assurance that he'll be back as soon as he can. Me on the other hand, It never gets easier. In fact, under the circumstances of raising the boys alone, it only gets harder for me. I do gather my crippled emotions faster when it comes to loosing it in front of them but it still happens.
So as we drive away from the airport drop-off, I fumble to find Christmas music that will stifle my sniffles and disguise my tears. Jackson ask, "Mom are you sad?" I tell him that yes, I'm sad because I'll miss Daddy. He says, "but he'll be back. Don't be sad". I attempt to glean some of the strength he displays and he says "Mom, you can have one of my toy book pages if it will make you feel better" He proceeds to rip one of the pages from his prized Toys-R-us catalog and hand it to me. I finally composed myself and hit the interstate home sipping my luke warm coffee like it was my best friend. He then said, "Mom, do you feel better now?" and I said yes, I'm better now so he said "Could I have my page back then?"
I guess the song and verse is true in more ways than one: He gives and takes away.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The new and impoved Lincoln

My sweet baby Lincoln in his short life thus far has really tested my patience and sometimes my sanity. He is much different than my first born. He won't conform to my idea of a schedule, he won't take a bottle and he won't stop crying from 4pm to 8pm. The tag team of care givers I had in Alabama made this a minor infliction but dealing with it alone each day made it seem like an impossible feat. He likes to eat, he is demanding about it and he eats every 3 hours around the clock! I had succumbed to the fact that this was to be Lincoln's personality about the time he was due his 4 month shots. The day of his shots, I closely protected both children from all the germs to be expected this time of year in the Doctors office and we had an uneventful visit where Linc received his 4 month shots. I watched him closely to make sure he didn't develop a fever from them and like clockwork, he started his nightly crying routine. I have been feeling bad that Lincoln cries during Jackson's story time so this night, I decided Lincoln would cry in his own bed while I spent a few minutes reading to Jackson. When story time was over, all was quiet. He had cried himself to sleep. I checked on him multiple times before I went to bed and all was good. I went to bed myself and turned on my fancy video monitor (LOVE IT!) to watch him. I woke up at both 2 and 4am to find him still sleeping. Yes, parental success! He slept all night the day after his shots. Since that day, he hasn't slept through the night again but he has been a MUCH more pleasant baby both day and night. He is HAPPY in the mornings and enjoys time playing. At this rate, I may get him shots once a month.
Ok, ok, I admit it, I have a dirty little secret that may be responsible. No, I haven't been slipping him bedadryl. I also started feeding Lincoln cereal about that time and that may have something to do with his demeanor. He really likes to eat it and he is doing well with spoon feeding. Next up on his baby foods list....avocado! Yes, it is supposedly a baby "super food". And highly recommended as a first food for baby.

The "before" picture

The new and improved version "Who's that goodlookin baby in the mirror?"

Operation Project Disney

For the last several weeks, I have spent my evenings on the computer (what's new?) researching out trip to Disney. My mom (smart girl) signed us up for a Automated Vacation Planner site that gives us a touring plan and insider tips for beating "them" crowds. I have devised an entire BOOK for our specific days and attractions within the WDW theme parks. I have a check the block itinerary for every day beginning most days at 8am. Oh, yes, Jason's going to kill me! This cool website advises you as to the least crowded days to visit each park and the explanation as to why you go here first and here last. It also tells us where to stand and walk to watch each of the magical parades. We also have coveted (and very pricey) tickets to the Micky's Not So Scary Halloween Party. As you may have guessed, I'm as or maybe more excited about Disney World than the children. All I have to do is THINK about the castle view and I start to tear up! I have been waiting on this magical vacation all my life so there is a special thanks due to my husband for spending HIS 2 weeks (in a YEAR) off work at the happiest place on earth! He quite possibly made me the happiest wife on earth by agreeing to this.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired

So we all know Murphy's law of deployment. What can go wrong will, what can break will and the ONE person that can't afford to get sick undoubtedly WILL! I think we've got all that covered this week. BOTH of our cars are currently illegal to drive (shhhh no one tell the police). Jason's has needed state inspection since JULY and I just learned my post sticker has been expired since APRIL. The air conditioner is broken, something I definitely can't fix. And the only adult currently residing at 116 Leggett got Strep Throat. I woke up Wednesday morning with an severe sore throat and started calling for a Dr. Apt. I got one for the afternoon and thought I could still go to my beloved Bible study that morning. After we got there, I got chills and knew it was time to go home. Before I left, i had the school nurse check my temp. Yep, I had a fever of 101. So I shuffled my phone to see who could watch my children while I went to the doctor. I scattered them around the neighborhood and took myself to the doctor. When I arrived to a FULL waiting room, the receptionist handed me a mask and asked me to wear it. Yes, I racked up some serious cool points for that! Jason had finally called me, in the waiting room talking through a mask. I got my meds and collected my children. We all three went to bed at 745 that night. Luckily, I had pre-arranged childcare for the following day on which I dropped both kids off, looking rather deathly and went back home to sleep more. After I picked them up I had an awesome friend that had offered to keep Jackson the rest of the afternoon and even bathe him. I couldn't say no with the way I felt. Three days later and LOTS of much needed sleep, I'm as good as new. Ready to face another day in the life of the temporary single parent. Thank GOD it is just temporary! He certainly knew what he was doing when he gave children 2 parents, they NEED it!