Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackson-isms Part 2

And so begins part 2 of Jackson-isms. These are a reflection of our summer in Alabama. I must admit, Jackson has picked up a deep southern accent while spending time with my dad this summer. He says things that I know could have only come from daddy. Many southerners talk a little slower than others but Daddy really lays it on thick. Jackson has not only picked up the southern drawl but also the Suuuuthern draaaawwwlll. One of my Dad’s favorite sayings to Jackson since he was a baby is “You ain’t worth a dime!” said in the most endearing way of course. It’s always been one of dad’s sayings and apparently it is a show of affection. Well, on several occasions this summer, I overheard Jackson tell his “Paw-Paw”, “You ain’t worth a dime? Right?”

In July, we made a trip to the beach and along the way, Jackson and my dad had quite a few conversations about boy worthy things. On our way across the East Pass bridge in Destin, FL, Jackson says to me, “ I tell you what…there’s a lotta boats in that pond right there.” He was referring to the bay! He also asked if God left the water hose running to fill that with water. WHERE do they come up with this stuff?

In a kitchen table conversation with my dad, Jackson asks, “Why do you sleep with your shirt off? My Dad (Jason) sleeps with his shirt off too but my mommy doesn’t and I don’t either.” How do you explain that to a 3 year old?

I recently bought Jackson a whoopee cushion at the Target dollar spot. He had a million laughs blowing it up and sitting on it himself. He would beg some unsuspecting relative to come sit next to him where it obviously lay and he would melt in giggles as they obliged and sat on it. When it met its demise, someone sat on it and it burst and Jackson proclaimed, “Hey, you broke my pootie pad!” I guess the whoopee cushion now has a new title.

How do you know that you’ve let the need to shave go too long even for a wife of a deployed soldier? When you’re holding you’re three year old with a tank top on and he reaches under your arm and innocently says, “Is that you’re lil’ thorn bush mom? It’s prickly.” Yes, I admit I must have let it get that bad but now that I have a living reminder, I’ll try to do better.

At my mom and dad’s house, the cat food is on the bathroom counter (to prevent the dog from eating it). Jackson decided early in the summer that he was scared of the cat food, yes, SCARED!?! He would squeal when he would go into the bathroom if it was on the floor or counter and my mom would run in and “rescue” him. I deemed his fear Catfood-a-phobia. The cure for catfood-a-phobia? Having your mom chase you around the yard threatening to hold you down and make you eat it. Ok, so maybe it didn’t cure him but it called his bluff on his “designed to get Nana’s attention” tactics.

One day outside in the toy box Dad and Jackson found a black widow spider. Dad went on to explain the danger of them to Jackson so that he would be aware of them. Later that day, Jackson came into my room and told me that he was here to save me from the black widow spider! He’s my little hero. (I have severe arachnophobia)
On another spider note, my mom is a science teacher and she had oddly taken in a tarantula as a classroom pet. She is compassionate of my fear and leaves the creature at school for the summer. Before school began she checked on it and found that it had molted its skin and she cruelly brought it home and showed me. We also showed Jackson and he said (in his best southern drawl), “that’s a BIG black widow spider.” Although he obviously doesn’t share my same fear.

If you know us well, you know the rivalry among our family with Jason being such a HUGE devoted stalking Alabama fan and I am a sophisticated, intelligent Auburn fan (see the rivalry now?) Jason has determined to make the children lean towards his side of college football and for Jackson, the war might be lost. I’m still working on Lincoln. The boys and I recently went to Auburn to visit my college roommate. As I was packing, Jackson asked where we were going and I told him we were going to go to Auburn today. He started crying like a baby and said, “I don’t want to go to Auburn, I’m an Alabama fan!” Yeah, I’d say his daddy has him brainwashed. Typical Alabama fan, huh.

Jackson has been into catching bugs all summer. He has several bug catchers and he’s caught lightening bugs, beetles and several frogs and crickets. Most recently, he caught a tree frog and during the night it sadly died. We threw it out and of course, Jackson asked about it. Mom and Dad explained that one. I later asked him about his frog and he said it just died. In true Jackson fashion, I pressed him as to WHY? He said “sometimes they just die.” I said why? He said “well, something killed him.” I continued the questioning and asked what killed it? He thought for a minute and said “Fertilizer.” I was intrigued so I asked further, how is it that the fertilizer killed the frog? He said (with hand motions), “it just got in his organs.” There you have it folks, infinite wisdom of a three year old.

And last but not least, as we resume a more military life style back at Ft. Bragg, this seemed fitting. Jackson was recently playing at a park around dusk when he asked me, “Mom, when are they going to play reveille?” That is a true sign; I’m raising a military brat!

That’s it for Jackson-isms part 2. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Land of the Alumni- War Eagle!

Last weekend, the kids and I set off on a 4 hour journey to visit my college roommate for her 30th birthday. Her husband had contacted me about coming for a visit to surprise her and in the day and age of text and facebook technology we were able to communicate without speaking until we arrived. Yeah, things have came a long way since we were in college!
So, when we get there, she is shocked to see us standing in her living room. The last time I saw them, I was pregnant with Jackson who is now nearly 4!
We had a fabulous weekend. We drove all around campus and pointed out the remarkable changes taking place as they build and tear down. In places, it doesn't even look like the same university! We ate at our fav. restaurant, Amsterdams. This was the restaurant reserved for a)family weekends or b) "I just aced that test" rewards since in college it seemed kinda pricey for a sandwich! Then we took the kids my 4 y.o, her 18 month old and my 3 month old over to Coldstone Creamery. It was only about 99 degrees in the famous plains and we wanted adorable pictures of our kids eating ice cream on the lawn of Samford Hall. As we walked, the ice cream melts...EVERYWHERE. It was total chaos to get them in place and instruct them to "be cute" and don't make a mess! All lil G was saying was "mess, mess" as he rubbed his ice cream onto his hands and the ground! While honing my photographer skills, I should have skipped my portion of ice cream because it was more like soup when I finally got to eat it. My hips would have also thanked me. Oh well.
I have to admit, college life was quite different with 2 kids in tow. It made me realize how EASY life was back in those days.
I guess one thing hasn't changed. I missed Jason then (USMA) and I still miss him now. Somehow, I think I was groomed for this job.

Funny story: On the way home from AU monday morning, I needed a cup of coffee. Lincoln needed out of the car seat to reslove his crying issue so we stopped for a fill up. I always pay at the pump, what mom doesnt? Then I unload BOTH kids and my wallet to get my coffee. Mind you, Lincoln is STILL screaming and Jackson is asking a million questions to which I'm anwsering, "don't touch anything, hold my hand, stay close to me" (oh,yes, we are in Montgomery, AL). I go inside holding Linc, keeping up with Jackson while attempting to open 4 of those impossible little creamers and stir my small cup of morning happiness. As I walk up to the register and feebly attempt to count out my money, I make the obvious statement to the cashier...THIS, THIS (pointing to my entourage)is how badly I wanted this cup of coffee! Where's a drive thru Starbucks when ya need it?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Space Cadet

Jackson is always interested in space and rockets. He got a very large and complex matchbox space shuttle, complete with rover and 2 alien aircraft, for Christmas. He even knew the planet names a year ago. We’ve looked through a telescope and been to the planetarium at mom’s school(he is personal friends with the astrology teacher). He is quick to point out the moon, especially in the daytime. It seemed fitting for him to visit the US Space and Rocket Center while we were here in AL. It now features a replica rocket from the Saturn V mission to the moon. It has a "yellow submarine" so we proceeded to learn the words to the song! It also features space shuttle pathfinder. My Dad and Jackson toured the center while mom and I attended a baby shower. Jackson's favorite part of the shuttle was the "space toilet." BOYS! This is Dad’s photojournalism. I laughed at how far away he let Jackson get to try and get the entire rocket in the photo. Just another adventure in the long list of fun things Jackson gets to do while in Alabama!

Jackson simulating ZERO gravity!

We all live in a yellow Submarine!

The potty of outer space!

Friday, August 7, 2009

"It mattered to that one"

On our first night at the beach, Jackson ran down the boardwalk and all the way to the water. When we got to him, he was inspecting a slimy sea creature that he deemed was a jellyfish. They were all over the sandy shore. After a google search, I discovered it is a sea hare or "inkfish". Jackson was amazed at how the creature inked on him in purple. I wasn't about to touch the slimy things! He walked up and down the beach "saving" them and letting them swim. He didn't care if they "inked" on him. It was cute and it reminded me of a story I've heard before...

There was a man who would take a walk every morning along the beach. As he walked, he would pick up starfish and throw them back into the ocean. He would do this all down the beach on his entire walk. The man would walk back up the beach on the way home probably picking up many of the same starfish and throw them, yet again, back into the ocean. He did this same routine day after day.

A neighbor watched this man do this each day. The tide would come in and so would the starfish. The man would throw them in the ocean. They would wash back up on the shore.

The neighbor watching could not stand it anymore. Finally, one day the neighbor asked the man why he spent so much effort throwing the starfish back into the water. "They just get washed back up on the shore again. What does it matter?"

The man reached down, picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean. "It mattered to that one!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greetings from Afghanistan.......سلام ازافغانستان

When we returned from the beach, we received a package from Jason. He has been dealing with several local Afghan and his "contact" arranged this typical Afghan children's wear for Jackson to have. It is so cute on him. The pants are a little strange in that the waist would fit me but the legs are too short for even Jackson but it's nothing a pin can't fix. The shirt is tough to get over Jackson's big head, they must have smaller heads there! The shoes were really cute, they just didn't fit Jackson's "Barney Rubble" feet. The vest really tops it all off. It's a cross between Arabic style and Elvis Presley! When we opened it, Jackson wanted to put it on right away. He donned the outfit and then announced he was going to get on a big jet and go to Afghanistan. I told him it was a long way there and he said it was a FAST jet and he'd be back in 4 days! He proceeded to go outside and then ring the doorbell and when I answered it, he said he was an Afghan boy and he was here to give us some candy. (Remember Jason handed out candy to Afghan children in out recent pics of him)
So, if we ever travel to Afghanistan, at least Jackson won't look like a tourist!

He also sent me a pair of sandals. They are pretty. Thank goodness he didn't think of sending me the head garb to wear too!

Jason also sent us 4 stone carved elephants. If you know this guy, you know what a HUGE Alabama fan he is and why this isn't surprising. He's building his collection for what he thinks will one day be his "Alabama room." I've told him that will have to be one BIG house for me to spare an entire room for that. One of the elephant statues has a crisscross belly where you can see another small elephant carved inside it. I guess that one is me and how he still sees me as being pregnant because I was the last time he saw me!

He sent us the rug a while ago. I think I may have mentioned it but when we opened the box and pulled it out, Jackson said "Mommy, why did daddy mail you a carpet?" It is a VERY nice hand woven silk rug.

And last, Jason mailed me my T-shirt from the 5K for cancer research that I ran simultaneously with him. It is a British cancer research fund. There are lots of British soldiers at he base with him.

Below is a translation of this blog in Farsi(the local language)

برگشتیم Jason موقعیکه ماازساحل ،مادریافت شده یک بسته از

محلی هاچندین ازعهده برمی آمده است وتماسش تدارک دیداین بچه هاهای افغان Afghan اوبا

بپوشدکه دارد Jackson نمونه برای

آن خیلی بانمک ) روی ( دراواست

شلوارهاهستندمقدارکمی عجیب درکمرکه خواهدتوانست که من رامناسب باشداماهمچنین پاها

کوتاه هستنداماآن نیست یک سنجاق نمی تواندتثبیت بکند

بزرگ ،آنهابایدسران کوچک تر Jackson ( متعلق به ) پیراهن سخت است که خوب بشودسرمال

آنجادارند !

مناسب نباشند کفش بودندهم اکنون واقعابانمک ،آنهاپا

زیرپیراهنی واقعابالاهاآن تمام خاموش

است ! presley آن یک تقاطع مابین سبک عربی والویس

درراست کناربگذارد ( روی ) بخواهدکه آن را Jackson موقعیکه مابازکردیم آن را،

دریک جت بزرگ بگیردوبه افغانستان برود ( روی ) لباس وسپس اعلام کرداوقصددارد d او

بودواوبودن آنجابه من به اوگفتم آن یک راه بلندآنجابودواوگفت آن یک جت ۴

روزبایستی !

اوپیش رفت که بیرون وسپس حلقه زنگ دروبرودموقعیکه من جواب دادم آن را،اوبگویداویک

پسرافغان بودواواینجابودکه به مامقداری آب نبات بدهد

( درعکس های اخیرخارج ازاو Afgan آب نبات خارج به بچه ها Jason )

یک جهانگردی بنظرمی رسد Jackson ،اگرماتابه حال مسافرت به افغانستان ،حداقل So