Saturday, May 30, 2015

April Antics

You're tellin' me you don't like a large spoonful of Mayo?  You just don't know what you're missing!
This year I took mom's favorite April Fools joke to my bible study group.  I LOVE these girls and we meet every Wednesday morning at 9:30.  It's not unusual for me to bring my breakfast in an attempt to try to eat healthy instead of muffins or cookies!!  So as it began, I took out my mayo jar and started eating a spoonful at a time.  I heard the whispers, "is she eating MAYONNAISE?" and "is that part of her protein diet?"  
Bahahahah!  They totally bought it till one of them spoke up in disgust and asked, "are you really eating mayo?"  I played it cool and giggled and said, "yes of course, it's delicious!  Would you like some?"  I didn't last long and I busted out laughing at my  really EPIC April Fools!  The only one better is when I was able to trick Jackson at school.  That one will always take the cake!  

Lillian tried to crawl under the chairs to get to the crayons.  She did NOT find it amusing when she found herself STUCK under there!  I did help her but not before taking her pic!!

New park that we've been to nearly twice a week for the last few weeks.  I don't know why I didn't take it from the other side but there is a lift/elevator on the other side that slowly lets you down to the ground.  Kids think it's SUPER cool.  This is one of maybe 6-7 parks within walking/biking distance for us.  Each has their own cool "feature".  A new splash pad should also be opening up in the next few weeks near the new town center and restaurants!  Summer visit anyone??

Jackson picked me these one afternoon after school.  I love that me noticed the tiny roses mixed in.  I love that my 9 year old still picks me flowers!!!

Disney's Frozen on ice.  I bought these tickets OVER a year in advance.  It was a LONG wait to see this but I thought it was awesome.  The boys, well, they are boys and they are getting too cool for Frozen.  Don't you worry, next time I go, I'll have a fancy little Elsa by my side and I'll leave these two goons at HOME!  

What's that you say?  Are those glowsticks from home?  Why yes they are!  I wasn't about to get conned into buying the $40 light wands and $25 glow sticks.  I also packed my own m&m's so no one would need an emergency snack!  My momma didn't raise no fool!

I just LOVE Olaf!  

We spent a weekend in New Iberia, LA where Jason's parents moved last fall.  They live right on the bayou and it's PARADISE for the boys!  We finally took a trip through the Tobasco plant and Jungle Gardens on Avery Island.  We saw this guy up really close!

Jungle Gardens was amazing, it won't be my last visit there!  I loved all the lush landscape!   

Every spot there is picture perfect.  Look out Lady Lillian, next time you'll be all dressed up for photos!

She loves me, she loves me not...
Come on!  We know it!  Everybody loves HER!

She might have been born in Texas but you can't take the Alabama out of this baby!  Her first swimming pool is a large rubbermaid box in the front yard.  Swimsuit?  She only has an entire drawer full upstairs but suits aren't necessary when you're redneck swimming!

Mary, Mary quite does your garden grow?

Linc's Kinder class had a Mooo-sical!  It was super cute and get this...they did the chicken dance! Nothing cuter than 5 year olds shaking their tush!

 This cute little can play me a tune ANY day of the week!  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Houston Art Car Parade

Sure, they say Austin is "weird" and "keep Austin weird" but Houston is pretty weird too!  I asked Jason to come up with something for us to do one weekend and he comes up with this art car parade going on downtown.  We head down there and of course encounter mountains of traffic.  We parked nearly 10 blocks away and walked but we got there just in time!  We only missed the first few cars and we were able to behold what can only be described as weird.  Hundereds of  the most odd ball car contraptions you can ever imagine!  The boys were thrilled with the spectacle of cars in themes that go from laughable to jaw dropping.  Even Lillian enjoyed the view of the Art Car Parade.

Jackson liked this one.  It was called "Toyz on the hood".  Little toys of every kind.  Come to think of it, if I save all of our treasure box toys and birthday party favors, I could have one of these too!  

  In case you can't fully see, this was the VAN'd-AID and it was covered in bandages of every shape and kind.

Yep, you guessed it, snakes on a VAN.

 Soooo, appropriate!  I giant cockroach.  I'm pretty sure I've seen one this size up here in The Woodlands!

 Now this was just uncalled for!  I HATE spiders and this takes the cake!  Ugh.

I bet no one would have guessed that this was the boys favorite!  It's a Crapper Car.  Yes, it's a portajohn that you can drive.  And yes, the drivers seat, a toilet.  Classy!

This was a kid driving and it was a lawn mower but he really had it down on how to make it "pop"!  It was cute!

It was an interesting afternoon and we had to answer lots of "why" and what do they do with those cars on the other days of the year?  So if you see a peacock or a hippo driving around, send them back to Houston!