Friday, February 10, 2017

Girls Gone Wild

All the way back in May, Lillian and I busted out of "the bubble" (otherwise known as The Woodlands) for a little girls trip to the zoo downtown.  We met her BFF Chloe there too!  The girls were so excited and it's their first trip to the zoo where they really "Got it" and enjoyed seeing the animals.  They ran and giggled like little girls do!  We packed a picnic lunch and ate early.   We knew it was going to heat up and the crowd was sure to pick up as well.  We are no fools, we know better than to be caught downtown in rush hour and that can start as early as 3pm sometimes!  If I've learned anything in Houston it's my way around the HOV lanes!  I can get to them from almost anywhere and its insanely gratifying to drive right by traffic that's at a full stop for miles and miles!  

The girls loved the meerkat tunnels and kept popping up to watch them while making sure we were still there to see them.

Belle was also along for the ride.  She's half as big as Lillian but she insisted that Belle wanted to see the animals too.

You can't visit the downtown zoo without a spin around Herman Park on the train!  It was a nice way to cool off in the ever increasing heat of Houston pre-summer summer.

We also got to visit the new Gorilla enclosure.  It was finished last summer but we didn't make it then.  They were lively and the girls were amused!  It really is crazy how human like these guys are.

The petting zoo was also a big hit!  The little goats and sheep will nearly run you over trying to get to you to eat your dress  love on you!

We had all the fun we could stand by 1pm and were able to hit the road before any hint of rush hour!  We made it back to the bubble safe and sound...until next time!