Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ifly, you fly, we all fly!

No, not really.  We all didn't fly.  Just the boys.

Santa brought the boys tickets to ifly right after Christmas.  They had both been wanting to go but it cost a pretty penny to indoor skydive so Santa for the win!  Their appointment was made so that Nana and PawPaw could also watch them fly!  The suited up, got their lessons and sat and watched several others go before their turn.  I was a little jealous bc it looked pretty fun but I'm certain I'd look like a fool and it would probably mess up my hair anyway!  

It was pretty great even watching them.  The instructors are pretty impressive at what all they can do.  I can't imagine doing it all day every day though.

Here's the video of the brave deFoor boys on their first ever indoor skydive!  Let's just hope they don't take after their dad and start jumping out of regular airplanes.  I won't lie, i'm SO glad he doesn't do that anymore.  It made me stress Every time!  

That's what she said!

I remember talking to my sister when Jackson was a baby saying how the speech explodes between 18-24 months.  It's like they go from being mute to repeating every word you say plus some.  It happens slowly and all at once.  It's like you blink once and they can say a few words, blink twice and they are asking you to go outside, for more milk or to change their diaper!

They are exciting changes and it's adorable that they have their own language and you as the mom are the sole translator of this language explosion.  I want to bottle up this cuteness because it is forever changing and maturing.  Its a fleeting moment, these adorable incorrectly pronounced words!  

I wanted to record some of my favorites to read back to her one day and remind her how quickly it passes but just how much I loved it!

Shess- this is "yes" in her language.  Would you believe that she's great at saying NO but yes is somewhat harder to come by.  We have to coach her on when she should be saying YES.  Do you want some candy?  "Shess!" 

Gik- it took us a few days to figure out that this was actually milk, or drink, we're not really sure.  Either way "gik!" means she's thirsty!

Butch- we read books every night before bed.  She loves all her books, especially the tiny board books.  She consistently calls them butch.

Jacksy- this isn't the first time he's gotten this nickname.  His best little girl friend as a baby called him Jacksy too.  It's endearing so we won't be correcting it!  

Ginkin- G seems to be the letter of the day!  She calls Lincoln Ginkin.  Also too cute to insist she change it!

Sheshe- What else would you call the worlds most adorning aunt?  Tracie is sheshe.

Assi- likely her favorite word and her favorite thing.  Her Paci is her main squeeze.  We limit it to the bed but sometimes she goes up to her bed and tries to retrieve it just to get a fix.  She'll also deceive anyone she can trick into giving it to her without me knowing!

"Egg eg gooooooooo"- let it go.  Frozen has been our favorite for a long time now.  She can clearly say Elsa.  She tries Anna with "Nana" and Olaf is "Lolof"  She doesn't miss an opportunity to break out in full song with her hands in the air.  I'll have to post a video!

Ghee- again.   In other words please repeat!  Again, and Again, and again!  

Guck-not sure what's up with the G's but this means duck

Goggie- yep, doggie.  Funny thing is she calls the reindeer on Frozen a "goggie" also.  For a while, everything with 4 legs was a "goggie"

Uchi- Lucy is our dog. She's small and furry and white.  Similarly to above, any white fluffly dog is a Uchi.

Burrie- any type of berry is burrie and we eat alot of burries!

A bus!-(airplane) said with much enthusiasm.  We are on the flight path for Bush International Airport and we see so many planes.  She was adamant each time she saw one that it was "A bus!"
She has since evolved to "Pane" which is more correct and still cute but I kinda miss her insisting she saw "A bus"!

ish- we love looking at the pet store at all the "ish".  (Fish) So anything that swims is currently ish!

Appy- it technically means "Happy" because when we light a candle in the house we sing Happy Birthday so now candle lighting is simultaneous with "appy" and requires candles to be blown out and cheers all around.

Etts-eggs  She's currently my only child that will eat eggs but she usually will scarf them down.  

Er ewe Ewww?- Are you Eww?  She's checking to see if you are Eww.  Usually because she is!  haha!  She'll check her babies and you if you let her to see if you are Ewww.  But when you hear her ask, it usually means you should in turn check her and grab a diaper!  
Er is see? -Where is she?  This is her hide and seek game and it's nostalgic because I played this game with my adorning Aunt Janie many moons ago!  

Prayers-  Every night we say our prayers, we try to also say the blessing.  When someone else is praying, she says "Mom", "Mom", "Mom" the whole time.  She can't stand my eyes closed for some reason.  Then when the prayer is over she loudly declares "Men!" as everyone else says "Amen".