Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easter Sunday

We didn't do anything extra special for Easter.  We went to church, we had a ham and sides and we took a nap!  We celebrated He is Risen with our family.  

Lillian wore a special dress that my mom made for my sister at least 30 years ago.  It's likely one of the most elaborate dresses she ever made.  It's a vintage french hand sewn dress that is exquisite in EVERY detail.  I was old enough to remember her making them, ironing them and having our portraits made in them.  Portraits that I realize now were a stretch for us but they were important to her and she made it happen!  

It takes a special dress to hold up for 30 years and look this amazing!  I loved this dress on Lillian, it looks like it was made for an angel!  
We get to church and as I drop her off in the nursery, I see they are stamping.  With ink.  Using their hands.  Um.....I did drop her off but the minute I got around the corner, I told Jason he HAD to go get her. She was wearing a priceless 30 year old dress and it didn't mix well with hand stamps!  I didn't mind having her with me for service anyway!  

When we got home, I got the dress off but not the slip before she hit the door for the trampoline.  She romped around in her bloomers and slip like she was getting away with something.  It was almost as cute as the dress itself!  

She's such a little angel and we are all so thankful for her!  

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Fun Friday in May

One Friday in May, we had lunch plans that fell through at the last minute. We didn't let that stop us from having a girls day!  We made up plan B as we went along.  The first stop was feeding the ducks at Northshore park.  They were pretty excited for the tortillas we had brought along.  See even the Texas ducks like Mexican Food!  

Next, we met some friends at the Library and took the Woodlands Trolley ride on it's loop.  She knows a thing or two about a trolley from her favorite TV show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  She was excited to ride it and even more excited to be with little friends!  Now every time we see the Trolley, she says, "I ride tolly wit B?!" 

Next, we took market street by storm.  We went shopping with the big girls!  I won't say she didn't have some hesitation (read whining) but she did pretty well while we hit some of the fun stores in the market street area.  

Then I knew it was time.  She needed her first Frappaccino from starbucks!  I laughed as I ordered because when I was her age, I got fudge pops.  She gets a $3 fancy coffee shop drink.  She doesn't know how good she has it!  But she loved that vanilla frappe!  I'm pretty sure it won't be our last.  

I waited a long time to have a shopping buddy.  The boys will do it but not without complaining.  Now, maybe I can create my very own kind of monster!  

Just look at all that SASS! (her vintage purse was mine oh, 30ish years ago!)

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday!  

Lillian and I enjoy Monday's!  It's the first day in several that the house is quiet and WE control the TV!  It's the day we go to the store.  We try to hit the grocery store isles in the morning hours bc that's when I find the clearance produce we use for the week.  It's cheaper and these people eat A LOT!  I base our meals on what we happen to find, sometimes it's a winner and sometimes we have to move to plan B.  We never get out of the store with out a cookie.  In fact, Lillian asks for the cookie before we even get in the door.  "Can has a coooookie pease?!" I always make HER ask for it and HER say thank you.  If not, no cookie.  Then we move on to the deli where she stops for her "cheese pease?!"  They cut the free cheese into shapes like hearts and stars.   She prefers the heart.  
At the checkout, we have 2 options.  If at Kroger, there is a penny horse to ride.  Occasionally, we will spring for riding it twice!  And at HEB there is a kiddie slot machine.  Both are loads of fun for the 2 year old sector.   Honestly, Lincoln still finds them quite enjoyable as well!

Next, we try and make it to the Barnes and Noble story time at 11.  Sometimes we listen to the story and sometimes we just play with all of the stuffed animals that are there for purchase!  Coloring time is our favorite, if we make it that far.  

If there is time, we check in at the mall pet store.  Not my favorite place in the mall but they let you play with the little puppies they have for sale and I can't pass up the chance to hold puppies!  Lillian loves to think she's bossing them around, "Don't jump puppy" and "No bite puppy!"

After story time and puppy playtime, we head inside the mall for some refreshment.   She likes chicken.  What kid doesn't?  And it helps that it's right next to the carousel.  If only the carousel was a penny a ride!  (It's more like $2.50!)  She always chooses the cat.  The cat is the only carousel animal that seems evil.   You see, this particular cat has a bird in it's mouth.  What I can only assume is a DEAD bird.  On a Carousel?  Odd.  And WHY does my little girl choose it?  Poor blue bird!  

On our way back to the car we stop into Pottery Barn Kids to pretend we're having tea in their perfectly set up rooms before we go back the reality of our not so perfect house!  

But we did have the perfect Monday, if you ask us!