Friday, July 5, 2013

Boys just wanna have FUN!

1.  Indoor play place to beat the heat!  Genius.  Choosing to go on the day chick fil a sponsors a "free day"-questionable.  This place is called Wonderwild and it was wild.  Lincoln was alone while brother was at bible school and he had a great time, despite the crowd.  Bonus:  Chick fil a gave out coupons!

 2.  It's a "thing" around here.  I could have something to do with the extreme heat.  Or maybe folks just like ice cream but around here, in many establishments, it's FREE!  I can say no when it's .38 cents an oz but free? Have all you like!

 3.  Kroger has a play place!  That's right folks.  Shop at Kroger and they'll babysit your children while you do.  It's right in the front of the store.  I usually just tie mine to the cart or post them at the bakery near the free cookies but this beats all!  First IKEA, now Kroger.  I think they are onto something here.  Mothers=shoppers.  Free marketing advice right there.
4.  We went to see the Astros play.  And they extra innings!  It was a mid day Thursday game so it was perfect for taking the boys.  I love this stadium more every time I'm here.  It's INSIDE!  Somebody really knew what they were doing there.  The guys loved the game and had plenty of room to squirm around!  

 I did come armed with a few snacks even after our baseball game lunch.  We brought the bling, ring pops!
 Lincoln says, "Mom, is my tongue bwue?"
The stars at night, are big and bright,
 (clap, clap, clap, clap)  Deep in the heart of Texas!

For each home run hit, this full size train travels from one side of the field to the other carrying a load of oranges (minute maid park).  It's really exciting to see, the boys loved it.  It's high up above left field.  This also shows the glass and how on some evenings the entire top of the stadium slides open and they shoot fireworks into the sky.  We haven't seen it yet but we plan on it soon!

 Baseball Mickey!!

5.  Because we are frugal parents and because we'd spent a small fortune on lunch at the ball field, we made our way to the FREE day at the Houston's Children's Museum.  We knew when we walked up to a significant crowd that this wasn't our best idea.  We were here so we made the best of it and then got OUT. We called it a "preview" of the museum and decided we'd be happy to come back and pay when the crowd was MUCH lower.  

 They were busy constructing parachutes from cups, sticks and coffee filters.
 Really, I mustache you a question!

 6.  I always say we don't know anyone here in Houston but that's not exactly true.  I have a long time friend that has been around the world and back that also lives here.  It's just that I live 30 miles to the North and she lives 30 Miles to the Southwest.  Yep, it's that big.  So we decided to meet in the middle, which meant downtown.  She's my frugal soul mate so we choose THIS store.  Texas Junk is well, just that.   It's a guy who collects mostly used cowboy boots plus a whole lotta junk.  It's HIS junk and he knows where everything is.  I scored an old rusty hook/pulley and some great cowboy boots for the Houston Rodeo.  We went on to lunch and afterwards, the chocolate bar in Montrose was calling our name.  It was a fun day and our boys got along so well!  We have plans to meet again soon.  At Ikea!
 7.  Nother day, nother pool!  This one is likely the closest to us.  We rode our bikes there!  It has this cool lilly pad pool, a 0 entry and play structure and what they call a vortex but I call a faster smaller lazy river.  We had such a great time there, we've been back a few times since!

7.  This little princess finally got a haircut!  Getting her to sit still for a photos proves difficult.  I wholeheartedly agree, having a puppy is much like having a toddler.  

8.  My Momma just flew out for a visit!  Her ticket was booked before I even moved.  There's a whole blog on her and the heat she brings!

9.  My Daddy is coming July 16th.  It will be an adventure driving dad though this traffic and tolerating this heat.  Those are NOT two of his favorite things.

10. Winner, Winner, chicken dinner!  It was a father's Day contest from and I entered Jason and Jackson at the last minute.  I usually don't push FB competitions because I hate begging for the popularity vote BUT, we were winning, by a LONG shot!  So after it got close, I jumped on the crazy "vote for me" train and won that man a stay at the woodlands resort and a golfing package for two!  Here's the photo.  It's still one of my all time favs.

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