Sunday, March 9, 2014

Loving Lillian: week 1

Sleep deprived mom of three here again, bringing you the best I can remember about the first few days home with Baby Lillian!  If you've read my birthing story, then you know that it was a crazy fast but easy delivery.  I'll admit, I think my pain tolerance is pretty high and I've always said, I can do anything for an hour so now I've proven it!  Either way, within an hour after delivery, I was up walking around and ready to get on with it!  I would have absolutely gone home the next morning but they needed to keep the baby for insurance money I'm sure!  My mom arrived in record time from Hobby airport and drove me and Lillian home on Thursday.  We stopped on the way home and I picked up a salad from BRIO.  They have the best sliced steak salad.  Any time I choose a salad over pasta dishes, you know it's good!  Jason was satisfying his fatherly craving and got a papa murphy's pizza for him and the boys.  The little lady had a few neighbors as visitors and slept pretty well for a newborn.  She took to eating and sleeping like it's her job!  
On Friday, I was optimistic that I could attend a church consignment sale.  I MAY have an obsession with kids clothes and finding cute and cheap clothes for the boys is harder and harder as they get older.  Girls clothes seem so much easier to buy and buy A LOT of!  I have many of Allie Gray's clothes which are all cute, sis has good taste!  I also have bought sizes up to 3T for her which Jason thinks is crazy!  Maybe it is but she is destined to be a well dressed baby!  So, mom and I went to the sale and I went in while she babysat in the car.  She came inside briefly to help me make a few decisions and this is the "girl portion" of what we walked away with!  Seriously, why are girls clothes so stinkin' cute?

I have done a WHOLE LOT of THIS.  I seriously want to hold this baby all the time.  And she likes it too.  When she is not easily consolable at 5am, I put her in bed with me (I know bad mom!) and she is SO happy!  Jason and I figure she won't sleep with us when she goes off to college so what can it hurt?  And if she does, Jason said that was EVEN better!  ha!!
 We have captured lots of sweet smiles and yawns.  Why are newborn yawns so cute?  She might be a bit ticklish.  She smiles and does it pretty often.  So often we've caught it on camera several times.  I hope it's an indication of her disposition!  After Lincoln's grumpy baby self (he's still a grump sometimes), we NEED a happy baby!  Because the weather was nice, she also got a neighborhood stroll for some Vitamin D.  A little jaundice makes for such a pretty skin color!

The weekend was uneventful.  She rode along to a garage sale with mom and I and slept the whole time.  We took another stroll around the neighborhood anticipating the colder weather this week, we had to take advantage of the vitamin D time.  We also started our photo sessions.  Little bit didn't know this would be the first of FOUR sessions.  That's what happens when you are a perfect model and your nana is a photographer!  

Sunday we did venture out to Jerry Built Burgers.  Man that place knows how to make burgers and fries.  They use truffle oil in lots of things and I'm a sucker for anything truffle!  I had to make a quick target run and she stayed in the car for that. I also grabbed a much needed NAP since all the sleep interruptions were starting to get to me.  

 On Monday, we had our Dr. check up and she checked out perfectly.  A little jaundice to speak of but sister was already back to birth weight in 6 days.  She takes her eating pretty seriously.
 I wouldn't have survived week one nearly as well without my mom being here.  I may need a refresher course on laundry and dishes after she leaves.  I also need a tutorial on how to bathe my newborn.  It's been over 4 years since I last had a go at it!  I've felt great, better than after any other delivery.  I even made it to the gym one day for a walk on the treadmill with incline!  I'm SO thankful to have her.  She is more helpful that she can possibly know!  

We have made somewhere in the 700 range of photos of her and this cell phone image might still be my favorite!  She looks like a little pocahontas and those LIPS.  I just want to kiss them and hold her.  Which is what I'm about to do.  Until next time...

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