Sunday, September 14, 2014

Boys go back to school!

The time has come for the boys to go back to school!  Summer was fun, and long, and fun!  We did lots of things but alas the time has come for Third grade to commence and Lincoln to start all day Kindergarten!  He's SO ready and I know he will do great, but as I tell him all the time, I'll miss him being home to eat lunch with me and hold the doors for me.  Several times I've thought of kid type things to do during the day and they just wouldn't be as much fun with just a baby so they will have to wait.

Jackson and I read the Night before Kindergarten to him so he'd be ready for all the fun stuff they would do!  The next morning, we also read The Kissing Hand!  It's a sweet story about a raccoon going to school for the first time.  I *may* have worn my sticker all day that day!  He's since given me several kissing hands when I drop him off.  This boys is SUCH a charmer.  He's going to have that teacher in the palm of his little kissing hand!  

 Third grade is the first grade I remember vividly.  I remember things about second and little about first but I can actually remember third grade.  Its still hard to believe I'm old enough to have a child in that grade.  But, man, he's a good kid.  I won't say perfect but he's a good one!  So much like his dad, yet like me too!
 Lillian is pretty excited to see what the hoopla is all about.  She doesn't know her constant source of entertainment is about to be gone for a large part of the day.  We'll still have fun but she's going to miss them in her face all the time!

 We are back to crawling under out fence to the sidewalk.  I love how close we are to the school.  See that traffic?  We don't have to bother with that!  It's so healthy and so much faster too!
Lillian and I both got a kissing hand sticker from Lincoln.  He's such a sweetheart!

We said goodbye and for a hot second, I started to tear up but I know that boy is ready to conquer the world and it starts right there in the Kindergarten classroom!  

Hats off to a great school year for the students and teachers that care for our babies all day.
 I'll meet you under the fence when it's time to come home!

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