Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ifly, you fly, we all fly!

No, not really.  We all didn't fly.  Just the boys.

Santa brought the boys tickets to ifly right after Christmas.  They had both been wanting to go but it cost a pretty penny to indoor skydive so Santa for the win!  Their appointment was made so that Nana and PawPaw could also watch them fly!  The suited up, got their lessons and sat and watched several others go before their turn.  I was a little jealous bc it looked pretty fun but I'm certain I'd look like a fool and it would probably mess up my hair anyway!  

It was pretty great even watching them.  The instructors are pretty impressive at what all they can do.  I can't imagine doing it all day every day though.

Here's the video of the brave deFoor boys on their first ever indoor skydive!  Let's just hope they don't take after their dad and start jumping out of regular airplanes.  I won't lie, i'm SO glad he doesn't do that anymore.  It made me stress Every time!  

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