Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easter Sunday

We didn't do anything extra special for Easter.  We went to church, we had a ham and sides and we took a nap!  We celebrated He is Risen with our family.  

Lillian wore a special dress that my mom made for my sister at least 30 years ago.  It's likely one of the most elaborate dresses she ever made.  It's a vintage french hand sewn dress that is exquisite in EVERY detail.  I was old enough to remember her making them, ironing them and having our portraits made in them.  Portraits that I realize now were a stretch for us but they were important to her and she made it happen!  

It takes a special dress to hold up for 30 years and look this amazing!  I loved this dress on Lillian, it looks like it was made for an angel!  
We get to church and as I drop her off in the nursery, I see they are stamping.  With ink.  Using their hands.  Um.....I did drop her off but the minute I got around the corner, I told Jason he HAD to go get her. She was wearing a priceless 30 year old dress and it didn't mix well with hand stamps!  I didn't mind having her with me for service anyway!  

When we got home, I got the dress off but not the slip before she hit the door for the trampoline.  She romped around in her bloomers and slip like she was getting away with something.  It was almost as cute as the dress itself!  

She's such a little angel and we are all so thankful for her!  

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

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