Sunday, July 9, 2017

My Best Friends Wedding

Jack isn't technically MY best friend.  He's Jasons and has been since high school.  But...Jack is the guy responsible for all of the above^^!  Jack was a friend of mine in college.  Once when we were hanging out, he said, "you need to meet my best friend, ya'll would be perfect together."
I don't think he quite knew how right he was!  It was a few months later when I finally met his best friend but when I did I knew in a moment that he was SO right!

It was an honor to be a part of the celebration of Jack finding the one he'd be perfect with!
Jack and Kathryn's wedding was a Southern Louisana dream come true.  Jason was of course the best man and Lillian joined Jacks daughter Alexandra as an adorable flower girl.

The white room in a large historic mansion probably wasn't the best place for kids but they acted sophisticated for a moment.  It was sweet that they included the kids in rehersal dinner festivities.

Lillian is SUPER into Beauty and the Beast and she saw the mansion as just like the beasts castle.  The large mirrors and fancy table settings thrilled her!

Some genuis (Kathryn) thought to bring little bags filled with calm activites for all the children to have during dinner.  Coloring for the win!

She's a perfect little princess, until she's not.  

 These brothers of hers, they kind of adore her.  Who doesn't love a shirley temple from the cocktail bar?

Love my #lincolninthemiddle.

After rehersal there was a limo...and a trip into Baton Rouge...and a little music.  
All is well that ends well, right?

The 1850 historic Nottoway Plantation was a beautiful setting.  It was one of the few plantations that survived the civil war. It's rich with history and architecture.

The adorable flower girls at the rehersal.  I love that these two girls are only about a week apart in age and that their dads are still best friends through all the years.  

This giant structure was on the Mississippi River side of the plantation.  It was just across the street and you could actually watch barges traveling down the mississippi river pass by.  This giant structure also may or may not have been standing when we departed the plantation.  That's all I'll say about that.

On the banks of the Mississippi River!

The groom flies his drone over the property while his namesake and Lincoln look on.  Boys and their toys!!

The girls had to get fancy!  Lillian loved getting her hair did!  

And when they were finished, she looked just like an angel!  

She was quite fond of her "princess dress" and her crown was just the icing on the wedding cake!  

Probably my favorite memory from the whole wedding was Allie (and Lillian) walking right up the isle and straight to Jack.  It was a little off the course they had practiced but it was precious to see her looking up at her daddy!

In an odd twist of fate, probably Jasons other closest friend, Dennis, found himself in the same small Louisiana town as Jack.  Working with him actually.  "Uncle Dennis" is everyone's favorite.  He's always bearing candy!

Lillian and Allie were a huge hit on the dance floor late into the night.  Their stamina could only be posessed by a 3 year old!  

Congratulations Jack and Kat!  
We wish you all the happiness you've given to us and more!

(Lillian was convinced the bride was Elsa!)

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