Saturday, August 26, 2017

Big Birthday Weekend Day 1

When you only turn 3 once, you bring in your WHOLE entourage!  We had an EPIC big birthday weekend planned.  We kicked it off by picking up Nana, and Aunt Janie from the airport, quickly followed by Tracie and our favorite cousin Allie Gray!  Now that we had most of our people in tow, we headed down to Memorial City for the girls first trip to the American Doll Store.  

The were pretty delighted to just play with the dolls on display inside the store.  We knew we weren't leaving anytime soon!  

Someone got lucky enough to take a Doll home.  You have to be at least 4 to take one home  (or so I said!).

Lillian was just as content to hang out in the Willa girls tent.

And Allie was busy taking care of ALL the babies and their pets. She was serious about the pets!  

We also got to take a spin on the double decker carousel.  It was a pretty fun ride for the girls and I can't say the adults didn't enjoy it a little also!  

After lunch the girls ran around in the town green.  They were the cutest little dolls in the village with their American girl doll and knee socks!  We had to go home and get the boys from school and also gear up for Day 2 of Epic Big Birthday Weekend!  Turning 3 was turning out to be exhausting!

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