Monday, April 20, 2009

The Courage

So, my first attempt at a blog and unfortunately, it comes on a VERY sad day in the deFoor house. After this, I will try my best to include only the funniest and most significant details of our "la vida loco".

Today began a journey he didn't request to take. Today began a mission he intends to carry out. Today began a separation he will endure with courage.
He had the courage to accept his commision knowing it would lead him into war.
He had the courage to return a 3rd time into what is known as a war zone.
He had the courage to leave a 3 year old with an unnatural understanding of the danger there.
He had the courage to leave his wife right before she gives birth to their second child.
He had the courage to walk away... and look back to leave us with a smile!

Today around 730pm, we left Jason bound for a plane into Afganistan sometime in the next few days. It's been hard for me to even accept this deployment so closely on the heels of the last one. I know that I will have all the support I need and I'm grateful to have such loving friends and family. I just can't help putting myself in his shoes and think of all the things he's sacrificing in the name of freedom. For that alone, our troops are American Heros!

Before you really begin to feel sorry for him, you must be informed. This poor child isn't crying because we had to leave his daddy. Oh no, he's crying because his bubble gum fell out of his mouth and we wouldn't let him pick it up and chew it again...Oh, the despair!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. My morning has started off sad seeing your FB and now this. You put it so eloquently. It's really telling of your character that you are focused on the courage of your husband. We all should be as proud of her heroes!

  2. Jamie, I am so glad you are now a blogger :) Your log looks great and I love the pictures. I will be eager to read of your journey. Love you!

  3. You take it with such pride and dignity which is great!! You are a strong woman and I know each deployment sucks and youll be in our prayers. I hope to get to know you while you are in AL and I am sure our paths will cross again during our Military Careers