Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life in the slow lane

Everyone knows that in Alabama, they talk slower, they walk slower and generally things pass by more slowly. I can attest that I am experiencing "life in the slow lane". It's not a bad thing. Yes my speech, along with Jackson's, upon returning to NC will have become slower and things will be pronounced with more of a drawl ("dawg" and "ink pin" and "coke"). I'm just noticing that life has slowed down for me here. . I have full time "child care" for Jackson in my parents and other relatives. It's wonderful to have that kind of mommy break and be able to stay on the computer for hours on end! I even waited in the doctors office for 2 and 1/2 hours today just to meet the delivery doctor and have him say "come back in 2 weeks". I'm also grateful be living in the kind of small town that you can be anywhere in less than 10 minutes. I'm talking about the mall, Wal-mart or the doctors office. You can leave the house and have 10 minutes to spare! My decisions have met the simple life as well. I've gone from deciding who'll babysit or if the function is babysitter "worthy" to deciding what time I want to get my nails done or what sonic drink I want for happy hour. This kind of slowdown is unusual for me. I'm a go- go girl and I have gotten used to the fast paced life that we lived in NC. There it takes 30 minutes to get ANYWHERE and that's not counting traffic or post delays. I'm still walking as much as possible and its funny that even that has slowed down. Obviously, that has little to do with Alabama (other than the heat) and more to do with my continually growing belly at 34 weeks and counting. On Saturday, my sis, mom, Jackson and I participated in a 1 mile fun run. We definitely weren't in it for the race, just the atmosphere, but I'm happy to announce that we finished the race (1 mile) in a mere 18 minutes and get this...we weren't last! We were, however, next to last! I know that in a matter of 4 weeks or so, "this too shall pass". So for now, I'll relish in the slow lane of life.

Jason is 9 and 1/2 hours away from me right now. He too is experiencing a slower pace. He is busy with classes and briefings but his communication for news and online access has come to a complete hault. Luckily, I'm hearing from him regularly and his daily phone calls often come with a request to check out his stocks ( one of his online passions). I know the "" website misses his lurking and occasional comment but again, "this too shall pass" and he'll be back in the bama know again.

On a side note: as Jackson is adjusting to the 1 hour time difference, he's been waking at 530 to 6am here. He's a happy guy in the morning, usually walking in and announcing LOUDLY, "It's a pretty day!" before he's even looked outside or asking "Did I pee-pee in my pull-up?" and awaiting my approval. This morning, he walked in my room and got in my face and said "I heard the's ready...don't you want some?" Yes, at 6:09 ,as a matter of fact I do!
Thank God for naps while in this "slow lane" of life!


  1. That's hilarious that our lil' guys know that coffee is a must in the mornings!!!

  2. My Gracious!!! That Jackson!!! I laughed out loud!!!