Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jacksonism's on Moving

We are about to move out of the only home they boys have ever known. They are accustomed to saying goodbye to people including friends. It's part of the life we live. While they haven't at all seemed sad, Jackson has said a few things recently that let me know it was weighing on his little mind.

On the way home from school recently Jackson asked me, "Mom,how do you and dad do it all by yourself?" I thought he meant in general and said, "well we work together like most parents do." He said, "No, how are you going to pick up the house and move it, just the two of you." I explained how we were not actually moving the house, that we have a new one but we will take all the things in it inside a moving van.
He considered this and then asked how we could drive the moving van and still drive both of our cars to Nashville. Smart boy! I then told him after he leaves for Alabama for a few days, movers will come in and drive it there for us.

In a related story, he woke up one morning and was looking around his room. I had been in there the previous day working on the wall hangings and toy clutter and clothes. As he was getting dressed, he sleepily asked me "Mom, why do things in my room keep disappearing?" Again, he doesn't fully comprehend the move.

We have borrowed a few video games for our Wii now that he seems interested in them. I guess I didn't realize how much he was interested in them. He quickly became slightly addicted to playing them and I had to start setting the timer for when he could play. One morning he woke up for school and said he didn't want to go to school. I asked him why not and he said "School is boring." I wanted to say tough luck but instead I asked why he had said that now. He said "they don't have video games there." Then is when I said tough luck buddy, you're going to school!

At a gas station recently Jackson saw a guy on a motorcycle beside us. He was drinking an energy drink out of one of those new black cans with a screw top. Jackson said "Ewww, look Mom, that guy is drinking shaving cream!" It did resemble the shaving cream Jason uses!

We took Jackson to the doctor for his Kindergarten physical and shots. I knew he had to have one and had told him all about it. I even told him the funny story about his Aunt Tracie hiding under the table when she was 5 because she was so scared of her shots. He wasn't AT ALL scared. He knew going in there would be shots and he was prepared. I wasn't prepared to tell him there were FOUR shots. I thought maybe one or two. So I started prepping him and he assured me he wasn't scared, he was tough like a MAN! I sure hoped so as I leaned over him and the two nurses administered two shots in each of his legs. I could tell by his face that it hurt a little worse than he expected but as I teared up, he sat up and said, "Look, I have 4 band aids to show Lincoln Mom!" He never cried once. MY BIG BIG boy!

At the same doctors appointment they assess his learning and cognitive abilities. They asked him to name 3 things that we can eat. He thought for just a second before saying "Apples, Oranges, (yay healthy foods!) and.......BACON!" He's a well rounded kind of kid!

Last week we went out for Mexican at dinner. We were seated near the back where they had a curtain pulled to section off the private room for a party. Jackson was talking to his dad and said, "Dad, what's back there?" Jason answered him by saying it was a private party. Jackson said, "Nuh, uh, no way." Jason assured him he was telling him the truth and again he protested that it was NOT that. Jason asked him, "Son, why don't you believe me, it's a private party?" Jackson with disbelief said, "So you mean it's a party where they show their PRIVATES?
Jason had to gain his composure before explaining to him that a private party simply meant that you had to be invited to come.

There's your insight into the mind of a 5-year old!


  1. I'm so glad I had just cleared my last bite of dinner before reading about THAT private party. Hope your move goes as smoothly and painlessly as it possibly can be! I'm so sad I'm not going to see you and Mari together in NC :(.

  2. LOL!! I love the "Private Party"!!!!
    Best wishes as you guys move! We're right behind you! Prayers for a safe and uneventful journeY!!!