Sunday, April 24, 2011



I love them, even when they are cold, wet and muddy.

And when they choose the creek over the nice warm and clean playground.

We needed to get the boys out of the house for a bit while visiting in Birmingham. I knew of the little park just a mile away. We took them there and let them go. We parked right in front of the playground and anticipated them to run for it. Instead, they both head around the corner, Jackson in the lead. They went straight for the creek that runs around the park. They spent the next hour searching for crawfish and putting snails and tadpoles into dirty water bottles filled with muddy water. We told them time and time again to NOT get wet. You can imagine how well that went. It's a good thing we are currently homeless and living in our car. (by choice and only until May 1) All our clothes go everywhere with us. It's actually been quite convenient. Just a quick change in the parking lot gave us dry and less rambunctious boys, at least for a few minutes.
Here is the playground that they chose NOT to play on.

Jackson explains to Lincoln that the tadpole will be a frog one day soon! Oh, and don't shake it up, you'll kill it. (while shaking the bottle to demonstrate)

Love my Muddy Men!

Look, escargot!

This is what we gave Lincoln for his second birthday! A stick. He would appreciate it as much as any toy we could think of!
When given a choice, my boys choose the muddy, COLD creek full of critters.


I love them!

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  1. love it! The picture of all 3 of them with Jackson's arm around his daddy...priceless!