Monday, June 18, 2012

The Best Kind of Father

It's father's day and I've spent the day contemplating all the fathers in my life.  It seems that they all carry a similar theme.  The BEST kind of Father displays a willingness to SACRIFICE.

Of course there's my own Daddy.  A man that daily displays the gospel for our family and deserves the utmost respect.  His advice is invaluable to me.  His stories are told and retold and then told again and I love them every single one.  There is nothing he wouldn't do for me and I know that because he's had to live it out a few times.  While living the deployment life he's taken a call from a sick daughter at 10am and booked a flight to NC and landed by 6pm to help tend to children while I recovered.  He's moved me and my kids AND my dog and cat across the southeast more than once.  He's on a 2 hour recall now that we live closer for ANYTHING I might need him for.  And it might sound like he only sacrifices in the name of grandchildren and I too have questioned that but quite the contrary.  My Dad knows a thing or two about Nashville.  He spent 18 years commuting, yes 2 hours ONE WAY, to the Ford plant here in Nashville to secure a retirement and help pay for my living through college. His sacrifice for our family has never seemed as significant as it does to me now.  He never questioned his choices, he never complained.  He sacrificed for his children and he did so with a smile.

Another Father I know has made a few sacrifices for his family.  Jason has made more sacrifices than many folks will make in a lifetime.  I know I've recalled this blog before but if you haven't read it, it's still one of my absolute favorites ever and it was my first.  Jason left his family not just once but 3 times in the name of Duty, Honor, Country.  He was committed and he lived out his commitment for his family and YOURS!  He is now choosing a change and a better life for us.  Going back to Grad school at Vanderbilt isn't for everyone.  It isn't ideal for a father with kids.  It's hard work, long hours and time away that could be spent here but he's making sacrifices that promise a better life for us and our future.  He's showing these kids of ours that hard work pays off and education is important.  He's spending the summer laying the building blocks of our future.  Sure, he'd rather be spending the summer here with us in Nashville but when he was called to sacrifice for our future, he didn't hesitate.  He ALWAYS makes the right choices for this family and I respect him so much for that.  .
I'm lucky God called him to be my husband.  I'm lucky I get to walk the minutes of this life as his wife.  I'm lucky he is willing to make sacrifices for me and for our children and of course, he does so with a smile.
(This isn't the first father's day wish over the computer, thanks technology!)

There is not enough breath or tears to describe the gratitude I feel for the ultimate sacrifice my heavenly Father made for me.  I have sons.  I KNOW what it would feel like and I don't think I could do it.  It hurts to even consider it.  What joy I have knowing I have a heavenly Father that loves me that much!  I am far from perfect, I sin, I fail and I'm a total disappointment but he loves me still.  To sacrifice his only Son on a cross for ME.   To choose ME as a daughter to spend eternity with.  He loves me, oh, he loves me!

Happy Father's Day to everyone who has been given the honor of being a Father!

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