Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Funday!

It's the last Friday before school starts back for my little 1st grader.  Am I seriously old enough to have a 1st grader?
I was determined to make this day fun.  I've spent most of the summer trying to make days they will never forget.  There are certain summer childhood memories I keep and I want the boys to remember their summers fondly also.  I specifically remember my mom taking me swimming.  It was the most fun I could have and I could do it for hours.  We try to swim any chance we get.  We have needed a haircut every day for, oh, about a month now but every day we plan to get haircuts, someone calls and asks us to swim and we decide haircuts can wait another day.  No one ever remembered the time they went to get their haircut!

Today we woke up and made blueberry pancakes with fresh picked blueberries.  We topped them with REAL maple syrup.  There was no time to make photos of them, they were devoured!
We made a quick trip to the gym. It was a necessity,  No good pancake goes unpunished!

After the gym, we had a little pre-pool picnic at my friend Stephanie's pool.  There is no doubt lunch has been consumed out of that lunch box more than at home this summer.  That's when you know you've had a good time!

  The pool was refreshing, in a bath water sorta way but the kids were off on fun hand standing, back flipping, swim to me adventures.  No photo collage would be complete without a pic of Lincoln crying.

   After 2 hours of more fun that we could stand at the pool, we picked up a papa murphy's pizza for dinner.  They are 4 bucks on Friday's and I can't cook anything that cheap or that good!  Next up on the Friday Funday agenda was a stop in our favorite froyo place.  Sweet CeCe's was having a fund raiser for our YMCA (ironic, I know!) so we patronized them with a cup of frozen yogurt for each of us.

  We stopped by a redbox and picked up a copy of Mirror, Mirror that I had reserved earlier before going home for naps and showers.  We were then invited to an Olympic Ceremonies Viewing party at my friend Stephanie's house.  Several girls from church have husbands on a mens retreat so we all got together like a deployed spouses club to watch the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  There was a grand total of 8 moms and 15 children between us.  Sure, it was chaotic but there was dip...and wine.  Most of the kids began their meltdowns right about 8pm so we all made our exits.

 My two put on pajamas and we watched a thrilling episode of fear factor before putting one in his own bed and one asking to sleep in mine.  Oh well, it IS Friday Funday after all and I'm pretty sure one day too soon, sleeping in my bed won't be so cool.  Cherish the time.

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