Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

It's the LAST day of summer in the deFoor house but we've been busy the last few weeks.  We have really made the most of our summer!

1.  The boys are enjoying blueberry smoothies this morning, compliments of the 7 pounds of fresh blueberries I picked last week from a farm in AL.  I picked until it was so dark, I could hardly see the berries.  It was the only time it was cool enough to stand outside!

2.  We're in the 2 week home stretch of Jason's stint in Houston.  I came to the realization today that no matter how long the time you're away, when the end approaches, everyone involved is DONE.  Whether it's a year, 15 months, or just 3. It seems the last mile is ALWAYS the hardest..

3.  I can't be alone.  Sure, I've been alone the last 3 months but I mean, I can't be alone "without my phone".
I had to drop my phone off at the Sprint store for a doctor visit.  It was having some serious stress related issues.  While without my phone for an hour, I succumbed to actually writing down all the things I reached for my phone for.  The list was impressive.  Here are just a few of the examples.
-text mom and ask if she ordered something
-call dad to tell him I'm on my way after the phone check up
-call Stella & Dot customer and tell them their style rewards from last night's show
-check time (who has a watch these days!)
-update facebook with how disconnected I am without my phone.
-google the price of something on my target visit
-call dog groomer for an appointment
-check with my workout partner on our meeting time next week
 And that's just to name a few.  It's a terrible beautiful addiction to technology but I am not alone!

4.  I made a new dip that is pretty awesome.  I saw it on another blog and of course pinterest to the rescue, I found it there.  It's called Poolside Dip and you should probably make it tomorrow.  Whether or not you'll be poolside but we highly recommend poolside.  That's where we wanna be!
Skinny Poolside Dip: 1 red pepper, 2 jalapeños (unseeded), 1 can of corn, 1/2 can diced olives, 16 oz fat-free cream cheese (softened), and 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dip seasoning mix. Serve with crackers

5.  While making the above dip this weekend, I improvised and used a skinny green pepper from my grandpa's garden for the jalapeno.  I knew the first bite I took that it was a HOT HOT pepper but the cream cheese made it edible.  The next day life went on as usual until I took a shower and prepared to head back to Nashville.  I told my mom I noticed my left hand was really burning and I put ice on it.  It kept getting worse and worse.  It was NO joke!  So, my mom started googling solutions.  We tried ice, rubbing alcohol, bleach, WD40, mechanic orange hand cleaner, half & half all with NO avail.  I even stuck my fingers into whole tomatoes to relieve the burning.  Right before amputation was placed on the table, we tried buttermilk.  Believe it or not, IT WORKED!  I could not have been more relieved or thankful for grandparents and their love of buttermilk (yuck)!

6.  It's consignment season and that means shopping and selling!  Both are great feelings,seeing the old stuff gone and new clothes coming in.  I scored Jackson a sweet pair of cowboy boots this year and let's face it, Lincoln looks adorable in most anything I force him to wear!  I lucked up on 2 pair of my "worlds best pajamas" by Hanna Andersson for Lincoln!  A whole new dynamic to shopping this year is the ability to FINALLY look for girl clothes!  No not me.  With Tracie due in October, I'm girl clothes crazy.  Heaven help us if I ever have that girl.  Jason better look out (and take out a loan)!

7.  Kids say the darndest things.  Especially my kids (bet everyone thinks that!)!  Yesterday Jackson was looking out the back window and said "Look mom, it's a onecan!  You know that bird with a long yellow beak!"  Son, did you mean a toucan?  Yes, that's right, a toucan!  
Then today at the pool, I'm sitting with Lincoln in the chair at lunchtime.  I'm taking down a turkey sub when he looks down and says "Wow, mOoom, you're leg is fat like Asher's."  (Asher is a 6 month old chunky monkey boy my parents are friends with.)  I'm not sure which was more insulting, being fat or compared to a 6 month old.  Thanks a lot Lincoln!

8.  I shamelessly take the kids to get their haircut at Sports Clips.  It's pretty cheap, they do a pretty good job and the boys LOVE it.  I fondly refer to it as the Hooters of Hair.  I also jokingly claim it's "hooterific" when people ask me if I like it.  Sure, it's good enough.  I had two Bieber wannabe's this summer.  I had been referring to the boys as Jackson Bieber and Lincoln Bieber because of their long, in the eyes hair that I had let grow out while ignoring haircuts in lieu of pool time.  With school starting soon, I had to do something about the Bieber do so I broke down and visited our local Sports Clips.  I also made some before and afters so we would always remember the Bieber generation.  

9.  It's summer and styling people in Stella & Dot jewelry is way easier and more appealing to them in the fall and spring but this week in our team email (about 30ish people, I think) I was listed as the TOP seller!  I was pretty happy to see what seemed like a mediocre month to me, had been profitable!  Besides, it NEVER seems like work because it's just that much FUN!  On top of it all, I rewarded myself with THIS beauty!  

10.  Is it strange that I like to keep my two favorite vices side by side?  I see them as the forces of good and evil however, they change places during the day.  The coffee is good in the morning and the wine wouldn't be so great but at night, that coffee would be the evil and the wine a good thing.  Either way, both vices and both mine.  At appropriate times of course!

And one last photo because I could not help it.  We've been playing musical beds lately.  I have been putting both boys down in Jackson's twin after Lincoln decided he couldn't sleep alone (he's almost always been that way though).  Lately, I go upstairs LATE for bed and flip on my light to find those two turkeys in MY bed together.  I put them both in their respective beds so that I can sleep and Jackson bouces back out of bed and asks to sleep with me.  I allow it but then somehow, he ends up back in his bed and Lincoln arrives for an early morning snooze about 6am.  Musical beds.

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