Saturday, February 2, 2013

We Love Lucy!!

 This girl!  Oh, this girl!  She had BIG shoes to fill.  I knew I wanted her, I had not left that to chance. I probably mentioned her, looked them up and sent Jason emails daily but he assured me we would NOT be getting a puppy until after we moved to Texas.  I pleaded with him that if we already had her, we couldn't get conned into renting a "no pets" place and how much we needed her here.  I say her because only a girl would do for me.  It was always the plan for the next dog we got to be Jason and the boys dog but when push came to shove...well, here's Lucy!!
Loosing sweet Roxy was terribly hard for me.  I felt her absence every single time I walked through the door.  She was a permanent "meet you at the door" fixture.  My mom told me shortly after saying goodbye to her that her best advice for my broken heart was to "get another dog."  I took her advice but Jason didn't .  Until Christmas rolled around   We ARE the couple that claims to not get each other anything for Christmas   To just spend it on others people but we are both secretly plotting to get the other one something and occasionally it's something great.  That was definatly the case here.  I had gone to the gym for my normal Wednesday class.  When I returned, Jason prompted me about my weekend plans (which I had, I always have plans!)  He said I'd need to tweak them because we needed to go on a road trip.  I questioned him about our trip and his feeble attempt at a diversion included the Amish and us needing a new porch swing.  (true but why not in Texas?).  He doesn't know it but I wasn't buying it and I had gotten a clue.  Later that day (like 1 hour later) he asked me if I was happy about our new porch swing (which I would have been, I love them!) and before I could say yes, he blurted out "We're going to get your dog!"  I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little.  It was just the thought of putting my heart out there again and so soon after it had been utterly broken.  Oh, that was 4 LONG days.  Every minute of the coming days I told Jason I was ready to go get her.  Sunday was the earliest day we could pick her up and we wasted no time!  We picked her up in Bowling Green, KY and it was certainly love at first sight.  I was crying by the time I got to the car with her and before we hit the interstate, Jason had to make sure I was ok.  She was perfect, adorable, and I loved her already.  I didn't even know how much!
She had captured our hearts in just the short drive home and she's wasted no time making herself part of our family.  She had a grande time Christmas morning!  We got Lucy and Lucy got her forever family!  She loves the boys and each in their own way.  She knows just when to be rowdy and when to lay low.  She knows NOT to bite me but she really takes it out on Jason!  She loves to play and chew.  We have to surround her with lots of toys to keep her company.  Her latest find is one of Jackson's zhu zhu pets and it's perfect.  It moves and makes sounds as she shakes it around.  It's like her own personal rat to chase!
We have sometimes felt like Lucy was made for us as she has the sweetest individual personality but some of the most endearing "Roxy-like" qualities too.  It thrills us to get out of the shower and find her there waiting to lick the water off our legs just like Roxy did!  She makes an event out of "dancing" for her food.  She ensures NOTHING is left on the floor after the children eat.
Lucy is the true "baby" of the family as she's a big ol' crybaby when things don't go her way and if you'd heard her the first time we put her on a leash, you'd have been convinced she was being severely harmed.  Giving her a bath has similar results.
Just this week, Lucy experienced her first snow and it seemed a little like deja vu as she darted around with her nose to the ground.  She leaped around and had the most fun.  From the looks of this picture, it's almost as if she learned to fly!

At least for now, she's the baby girl in this house and we're all in love with her!  Lucy girl had some BIG shoes to fill and I'd say she's doing pretty well!  She's made a permanent place in my heart and in my arms!

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