Friday, February 1, 2013

10 years to Happily Ever After

It's tough to sum up 10 years of marriage to your best friend and soul mate.  There are so many things to say but nothing seems to fit, to sum up all 10 years into just a few words.  It just can't be done!
The boys are still bellowing out Christmas Carols well into January and it gave me the idea to try out a 10 years of marriage type blog.  If they can have 12 days of Christmas then surely we have 10 years worth of interesting activity.  It turns out we do but, admittedly it was harder than you'd think!
  Here goes:
Feel free to hum along...

10:  Ten glorious years of wedded bliss!!

9. Memorable Vacations.
We've been skiing twice.  We've cruised, and spent 2 fabulous weeks on amazing resorts, traveled to Disney(much to Jason's dismay), visited the emerald coast on several occasions!  Some were mid tours, and some were in celebration of togetherness after a year apart but each one was wonderful memories I will always cherish!

8.  This is the number of high dollar electronics we currently own.  Yep, there's a laptop for each(4) of us, 3 smart phones between the two of us old enough to have phones and a kindle fire in the mix!  Here's the kicker.  None, I repeat NONE of those electronics counted include a flat screen TV.  Yes, we are probably one of the last couples on earth, including my grandparents, who do not own a flat screen TV.  But...we've got BIG plans when we move to Texas.  Best Buy better hold on to their hats!!

7.  Seven chef acclaimed restaurants!  Our next vacation and 10 year anniversary trip is planned (booked this week!) and we are guaranteed not to be disappointed in the resort we are visiting.  It's Secrets Maroma Beach and we are going to eat to our hearts content at each of those 7 restaurants as we celebrate!  

6.  We have spent 6 of our 10 anniversaries together   Yes, that means we spent 4 of them apart.  It's possibly more but he was actually deployed out of the country for a solid 4 of them.  That is including the first one.  On that occasion, my mom and Aunt came and spent the weekend in Ashville with me to commemorate our first anniversary.  Then when he returned 4 months later, we broke the cake top out of the freezer and pretended to celebrate our 1st anniversary then!

5.  We've made 5 houses our Home!  That's really not much for an Army couple but for me, that's a lot of moving.  I had moved ONCE in my life before marriage so it's been pretty big.  The only house I'm particularly fond of is the first one we ever owned together.  
The first one wasn't much, it was what we could afford.  The second was a step up but I moved us ALONE and Jason came home to a new house after deployment.  The Third one was the house we built to our specs from foundation!  It was highly sought after and we had looked for weeks before we settled on it!  I was thrilled with it and it was our perfect house for our little family!   After we purchased, we made a short lived move to Alabama to a townhouse and had a baby.  It wasn't ideal but it wasn't permanent and we moved back into our house in NC.  Now we're dwelling in a rental in TN that is perfect (albeit small) for the right now.  It was a God-send kind of house with local sweet owners and the PERFECT school district for us.  I still wonder how I got lucky enough to score this place.  I'll never forget the conversation Mari and I had after locating it on Craigslist. "It's affordable and there's a playground across the street."   "Wonder what's wrong with it?"  

Our House in NC!

 Our house in TN!

4. Vehicles Paid Off!  
Well, pretty much.  We had an old thunderbird that was mine when we married. Jason had purchased a Montero Sport out of college.  While paying that little gem off, a humvee ran right smack into it one rainy morning and totaled it.  Jason miraculously walked away unharmed.  Because of some crazy "war clause" the army didn't have to pay us but thankfully USAA insures us and took over the costs.  That's where my sweet mountaineer comes in and I'm still drivin' that baby.  We've raised 2 kinds in that car and it's still running smooth!  (170,000+ miles).  After a couple years and deployments without a car, Jason got and paid for his trunk.  We're surely due a new family car but I'm just not into cars and I'm certainly NOT into $500 a month car payments!  Alas, my car won't last forever.  Here's just hoping it lasts until we have a job in July!

3.We have had 3 amazing pets.  They were obviously our children before we had any and we loved the all to the fullest.  Roxy was our first baby and she spend the full 10 years by our sides.  That sweet girl even came to our wedding before the ceremony to see me in my big white dress.  Cotton was a "pet" for Roxy because she loved cats so much.  They were the best of friends in an unnatural dog/cat way. Cotton is a sweet and lazy ball of fur.  He thinks his throne is on top of my bathroom counter.  Lucy is our newest baby girl and she had BIG shoes to fill and I'll be the first to say, she's filling them pretty well!  We LOVE her!

 2.  We have been blessed with 2 adorable, loud, rambunctious boys!  There is never a dull moment around these two.  I love them to the moon and back!  Most people will say they are the best of both of us.  I mostly feel like they are so much like their father, I think I am raising him all over again.  They have his dimples and his sense of humor.  
Jackson is a science enthusiast and going to be our lifelong learner, he's always eager to discover new things and school for him is fun most every single day.
Lincoln is (and always has been) the total heartbreaker.  I always claim Lincoln can charm the pants right off a snake!  He's as stubborn as the day is long but hardly a person has met him that doesn't fall in love with him.

(a partridge in a pear tree)
Or a Happily Ever After!

I would not change a minute of being married to him.  He's perfect for me and to me.  I want for nothing, he has always taken care of me and put the well being of this family above all else.  He's not only a great husband but a wonderful father.  He's driven, successful and he's going places!  I'm so happy I'm along for the ride!  I'd follow him anywhere!

Inscribed inside his wedding band:
Ruth 1:16

 16... “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

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