Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Gah, can we just take a minute and talk about the total diva baby in this picture?  She is perfect!  
Ok, we can move on now.  Last weekend we had a little staycation!  A year ago when we moved here, I used the patriotic heartstrings of Texas to score us the win in a dad/son photo contest.  The prize was a nights stay at The woodlands resort and conference center.  To the boys, it was "the Marriott" because the hotel near mom and dad that has a fancy pool is the Marriott.  
It took a while to decide about booking and there was a little bump (ok, a pretty big bump by the end) in our timing with the baby girl's arrival.  I finally got it booked and we packed up half the house to drive across The Woodlands to the resort.  It was also a golf package so a tee time was requested.  

We had to wait out a thunderstorm or two before we could head down to the pool and check it out.  Lillian and I spent most of our time under the umbrella while the boys made use of the pool and super fast waterslides.  I did eventually go down one of them and it was scary fast!  The poolside service was impeccable!

Just like at any resort, they had activities all day.  They had balloon animals, face painting, outdoor movies and snow cones.  They had all kinds of poolside games too.

Jackson was especially good at water hoola hooping!

I just love his little eyelashes.  I have to use fancy mascara to make mine look half this good!  

This is what Lady Lillian could be found doing most of the time we were at the pool.  She can't sleep at all on her back so lucky for me the bob lays nearly flat and she can turn over and go right to sleep.  Here's hoping to a long and happy belly sleeping summer!  

When you're the best of friends, spending all your time together...

Some of my most fond childhood memories of summer were in the pool.  I hope they remember theirs the same way.

The boys discovered that the refreshments room was the warmest place to be after a cool swim.  Ah, the fun of a hotel.  I guess it never gets old as you can see from Jason's amusement! 

We also got breakfast the next morning and it was delicious.  We were exploring the grounds when we happened upon this guy...and his entire family. Seriously we saw 5 snakes in 5 minutes.  Creepy!

The boys and I spent the next morning at the pool while Jason played a round of golf.  Jackson insisted on taking his shirt off and you can rest assured he won't be doing that again. His shoulders blistered from it just like I tried to tell him.   

This guy can't go anywhere without finding a reptile of one kind or another.  Seriously.  A frog, snake, lizzard or a turtle.  He can spot em' and catch em'!

"The rain never bothered me anyway"-sang in my best Frozen voice.  It came quite a rain and I joked with the boys that if they didn't get out of the rain, they'd get wet.  

We had a great little staycation and we didn't have to go far.  We didn't even have too many clothes to wash upon our return.  The boys called it our May-cation because it was the last day in May when we checked in.  We all called it FUN!

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