Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall (otherwise known as "extended summer") in Texas


Ever since we scored Lady Lillian this perfect fall dress I've been wanting pictures of her in it.  I also have wanted to pictures of all three of my children together and smiling.  THAT is a miracle feat.  Dad was here visiting and we took him to the arboretum.  It was still HOT here in Texas. Big surprise.  We don't get "fall".  We only have summer, extended summer, and almost summer.  It takes an army to go anywhere with the three of them and to have them perform on command is laughable.  It took me jumping and making crazy faces while dad snapped away and then we swapped places.  The real entertainment would be if someone had a camera on US!  We managed to squeeze out a couple of photos where everyone was looking the same direction!

These kids, they are pretty cute if I do say so myself!  

My two youngest.  Pure sweetness. 

Jackson is a pretty big help when it comes to her.  He likes her I think!

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