Monday, November 10, 2014

What's been going on?

Halloween Happened.  We had Ankin from Star Wars, Jake the Neverland Pirate and baby Pocohontas (minus her moccasins, she would not leave them on)  We just walked around our circle and came home to hand out candy.  It was PLENTY!  It is so vastly different from my childhood trick or treating where we had to get into the car and drive to different relatives houses.  We also couldn't walk to school, or the grocery store for that matter which leads me to my next point...

We have a new HEB.  As if the one that is 3 miles away wasn't close enough, they've built one that we can easily walk to.  I mean, I only have to drive maybe a half mile.  I used to shop at Kroger but now that they've put this in our back yard, I don't know if I'll ever go anywhere else!  We went the first day it opened to see the spectacle.  The boys loved all the free samples and it was crowded but not unbelievably so for the grand opening.  Its SUCH a nice store too!  It has the best seafood, fresh made guacamole and a great little cafe to boot!  We might should consider having Jason's paycheck direct deposited there.

When you live with boys, you find snakes everywhere and they scare you EVERY SINGLE TIME.  This time, he was inside the dryer of fresh clean clothes.  Apparently scaring mom never gets old.

When I'm home during the day, this little guy has been visiting me.  He lives outside the kitchen window.  It makes me think of Lincoln every single time because if he was home he'd be out trying to catch him.  

Back to trick or treating, Jackson got a "trick".  When we got home Jason had the boys dump their candy, you know so he could "check it" (read: snag a few of the good pieces!)  Jackson noticed he had gotten a packet of mayonnaise.  It was a little confusing and funny.  We're still not sure if it was a mistake, a trick or what.  Lincoln also received some Mexican taffy.  He was tearing into it when his eyes got big and he teared up and said "THIS is SPICY!"  

That's right, Lady Lillian got her first fancy pedicure.  I was doing my nails and I'm certain she wanted me to do hers too!  Isn't this the cutest piggy toes you've ever seen?

And while we are on Lillian, I was feeding her breakfast recently.  It was some leftover yogurt and oatmeal.  I was spooning it in and she had a funny look on her face but she just kept eating it.  As it grazed my nose, I realized it didn't smell quite like the yogurt from the previous day.  That's because it wasn't.  This was potato soup.  It was 7am and I was feeding my baby cold potato soup.  And she was eating it up.

Lincoln urged me to go into the guest bathroom.  So I went even though I didn't have to go.  This is what I found.  He had put paper over the seat and written a note.  It said "Dear Mom, Happy Friday"  I'm not sure why but he thought this was hilariously  funny.  He ran off tickled with himself.  I'm still debating what this says about me.

I'll be the first to admit I might be a little crazy.  Or a lot.  depending on who you ask.  I was ready to leave for bible study recently and I went back in because I had forgotten my phone.  I had it moments earlier.  I searched the whole house for it.  I had to go back and check on the baby in the car and keep looking. A whole 25 minutes passed with me calling and calling my phone.  I then found it.  UNDERNEATH the cat.  Lying on the bed.  Right where I had placed it except I didn't put the cat on top of it.  That cat laid there with my phone vibrating under him and never moved.  Lazy cat!  
Another day I lost my phone again.  Imagine that.  I call it over and over and I can hear it but can't find where it is coming from.  I walk around the kitchen with my ear honed in to the vibrations when I realize its coming from the fridge.  That's when I open the door and find my phone lying there on a shelf.  Who does that?!!  This girl!

Jackson found these.  He says, "Hey Mom, what's this?"  I had to explain the idea of film and negatives.  He couldn't believe that there was a time 
when you wouldn't see the photo right away, couldn't delete it and had to just hope you got the right shot.  Come to think of it, it's almost hard for me to believe also.  My, how times have changed.  

He also said this evening, "wow, that ornament is really old.  It's from 2003."  Yeah, old.  

Look what I got recently!  I have a brand new nephew!  He's adorable and LOVES his Aunt Jamie.  I get to see him in a little over a week and I CAN NOT wait!  This is Wyatt IV, or as we call him "baby Wyatt".

She's moving. And someone she always finds herself stuck under the table.  It's like a little baby magnet.  No matter how many times she bumps her head, she still goes back for more.  

My mom of the year trophy was recently confiscated.  It was Jacksons last baseball game.  I had him there JUST in time and I had to get Lillian out, put her in the stroller and get her food beacause she was hungry.  I am halfway done feeding her when I look around and asked another parent, "Where's Lincoln?"  She said she hadn't seen him so I go to look for him in his usual playing places.  He wasn't there.  It didn't take long for me to realize... Lincoln never got out of the car.  Now don't stone me yet.  It's the END of October and it's pretty cool here now.  He wasn't too hot but he WAS totally asleep in the back of the car.  I assumed he'd gotten out to go climb the tree like he usually does.  He was slumped over and never even woke up when I got out.  

Brace yourselves.  Jason and I took the kids to the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend.  We had NO idea what to expect and probably should have planned it a little better.  Now we know.  We got "discount" tickets from Walgreens (far cheaper at Costco I now know!) but it was a mere 25 miles away and took nearly 2 hours to get there.  Traffic was pretty terrible to this epic event.  We spent around $75 and let me tell you the people watching that money provided was TOTALLY worth it!  I'd do it all over again.  Actually, we plan on it!  Think things from a sci-fi movie.  All in one place for your viewing pleasure!  It was really fun, even the kids enjoyed it.  These photos are just a taste!  Come visit next year, we'll take you too! 

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