Thursday, December 25, 2014

Criddle's 2014 Shenanigans

He's back and better than ever!  Criddle arrived a little before Thanksgiving this year making his big debut over an elaborate breakfast at Aunt Janie's house!  I'm not sure why he favors her kitchen for doing his cooking but he sure makes a mean breakfast there!  He didn't leave out a single detail!  Allie Gray's elf also showed herself at our Elf breakfast!  They must like to travel in pairs!  They had a grande time together over the next few days while Allie gray was with us!

They had a pretty serious parade going through aunt Janie's living room to the kitchen.  Our elves don't believe in doing anything small!  They really go all out!  Look at that parade behind them!

Uh, Oh!  Lincoln's been on the naughty list some this year!  (big surprise!)

The elves seem to have been drawn to modes of transportation while we stayed at Nana's!  Every day when we woke up to find them they were utilizing different modes of transport to get back from the North pole and watch us every day!  

Nana's "science spiriments" also proved to be fun for the elves!  They loved playing with these together!  It was fun to have an "elf cousin"!

They were parachuting into the kitchen at Nana's house!

This was tricky!  Lincoln woke up in the hotel to look for the elf.  He was quite surprised to find him in the microwave.  He said, "criddle, you FREAKED me out!"  haha!

He also hung around on the lock of the hotel for a night!

The boys got a kick out of him and the doll in the cookie jar!  The dolls eyes are missing thanks to Lucy so that made it even more creepy that he wrote "help me!" on the jar!

He missed the North Pole so he hung out in the freezer a day!

Keeping up with these boys is hard work!  Criddle had a bubble bath of fluffly marshmallows!

You can't see how high up he was but hanging on our chandelier proves he is REAL!  Nobody could even reach him up there!  

The boys liked this one too!  They love being creeped out with the doll mask so Criddle used it to warn them to be good!  

Hey!  Everybody has gotta go sometimes!  

He hid in my flowers from Jason's work party!

Me, I want a hula hoop!  And these hula hoops glow in the dark!

Lincoln said, "Hey mom!  What am I?"

Cutest elf on the shelf I've ever seen by far!

Jackson's birthday is always fun for criddle!  He silly stringed the "Happy Birthday" banner and hung it in the hallway for Jackson to see!

A little bungee cord fun from our chandelier!

Uh, oh!  Someone new found Criddle!  Next year, she'll be in the competition to see who can find him first!  

{Peek!}  Criddle hid inside the toilet paper rolls!

Everyone deserves a nap!  He made his inside the kleenex box!

We will be sad to see Criddle go again this year but look forward to all his shenanigans next year already!  Thanks for the laughs and the memories lil' buddy!  Have a great year and we'll see you next time!

Just ONE Question...
Who's THAT girl??!?!?!?

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