Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Going to the Lodge!

We gave our pending 9 year old a choice for birthday party this year.  Either have a party and invite all your friends or you can bring one friend with us to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.  
Jackson knew right away he wanted to go to GWL and he wanted our neighbor Matthew to go with us.  Lucky for us, we love Matthew and he just so happened to be moving back to NJ the day we returned.  It was our goodbye trip as well.  

No trip on i-45N is complete without a stop at Bucc-ees!

We were SET!  24 hours of waterpark FUN.  We had been to GWL a few times before but  the boys were both older now and it was much more fun!

Lillian loved the water in the wave pool.  My summer is going to be exciting to say the least!

My favorite little wolfie!

She's living the high life.  Shirtless.  We are teaching this girl a few things about hotel living!

I let the boys stay up late and play arcades.  We blew through $20 in mere minutes!  We had fun playing the magiquest game too.

And now you see where our $20 in arcade money went.  WHY do kids love these games so much?  They definitely get that from their father!

This girl knows how to party!  She had the best time crawling around the hotel room.  

Bye-bye GWL.  See you next time!

This rainbow was displayed on our way out.  I love that GWL is at the end of the rainbow!

We're going to miss Matthew so badly.  He's a great kid and a good influence and he's Jackson's best friend.  

I think the birthday was a smashing success. Everyone had fun and the house stayed (relatively) clean!

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