Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The day my daughter ate a cockroach

There has been quite a blog hiatus.
There is a backlog of blogs dating back to Christmas.
They're coming, They are coming.  But first let's discuss the reason for this hiatus.

Three kids.
No one tells you three kids changes things.  They say two is harder than one and three is just another kid in the mix.  They LIE!  haha.  Maybe it's because my three are further apart than most but I'm drowning in KIDS here.  Kids, meals, laundry and activities!
My precious little one is sleeping less and crawling more!  She's a whole 18# of FUN and smiles!  She's my little sidekick and shadow.  We spend our days playing dress up and making sure there is a headband to match every outfit!  Such a girly girl...

So we were cleaning the playroom yesterday.  I was getting rid of boy toys and preparing to move in all the kitchen stuff and baby dolls.  She was crawling around checking for stray legos.  It was quiet for a brief moment then all of a sudden she starts choking and gagging.  I run over and do the obligatory throat sweep that all moms know by heart.  I get to the roof of her mouth and retrieve something hard, thin and crunchy.  When I pull it out, I realize it's a bug.  Not just ANY bug.  It's a cockroach.  I can only hope it was a dead one seeing as we pay BIG money for a quarterly exterminator.  I continue the mouth sweet to pull out a few legs and stray pieces while squealing and salivating myself in pure wretched disgust!  A cockroach!  I know we live in The Woodlands but this is no forest!
So there you have it.
My daughter.
The cockroach eater.

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