Monday, July 6, 2015

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for Ice Cream!

School was almost out for the summer so we had a little neighborhood party to celebrate.  I'm not much of a pinterest mom but this party looked like something I could handle.  3 Flavors of ice cream and tons of candy toppings.  Sounds like a kids version of heaven!  

Throw in a little salty popcorn for the adults and a little watermelon to make it "appear" to have a healthy vibe and you've got yourself a successful party!  

Most all of these kids walk home from school every day so it was set up for them in the driveway as they walked home.  I had some bubbles and water guns out too.  I had intended to do water balloons but I didn't want them to have too much fun!   

 I let them go back for seconds and thirds even, until all the ice cream was gone or melted!

Check out this clever way to cut the watermelon into slices that are easy to eat and pick up with your fingers!  

Linc with his friend and neighbor Julia.  These two can go from water guns to tea parties and back again!

Jackson and his best friend Creed.  It was the first boy he met in his class this year and they turned out to be best buds!

Shade was kinda hard to come by but they ate fast to keep the ice cream from melting.

Lincoln and all his Ladies!  Look at that quirky little smile.  He knows just what he's doing!  

Lillian woke up and joined the fun!  She had her share of toppings too!

Nobody was getting her fruity pebbles!

All that sticky goodness required a bath.  Outside.  
The boys are lucky they are too old or I'd have put them in there as well!

I think they had fun and will remember this end of the year party all summer. 
 Now if only I can survive the summer with the three of them home. 
 I'm going to need a bigger freezer and more ice cream!

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