Sunday, June 28, 2015

We had ourselves a day to remember!

We've been putting off a beach trip for better weather for way too long.  This weekend we just decided to go for it!  It was memorial day weekend and we had an extra day to recover from taking 3 kids anywhere.  It was rainy looking and not at all sunny.  We feared the clouds all the way down but we were on our way rain or not.  We went to our favorite beachside restaurant and had great food and while there we found a cool restaurant bar that had a pool!   It was perfect for us.  A hot tub, a cold pool and fruity drinks!  

Lillian was dressed for the occasion(isn't she always!)  She didn't seem to mind the sand too badly.  She was just days away from walking alone at this point!

She and her dad thought the pool was pretty neat!  

We went on down the beach and took the Ferry over to Crystal Beach on the Bolivar peninsula.  We found our little sliver of beach and the boys took to collecting critters and jumping waves.  They would bring the crabs back for her to look at and touch. 

She laughed when they retreated to their shell after she touched them.  She wasn't a fan of the waves AT ALL.  She didn't like that water lapping her feet.  

But this bucket!  You've never seen a bucket be so much fun.  She stood there for an hour just splashing and playing inside that bucket.  

It wasn't Lil's first trip to the beach but it was the first one that she could really participate in any of the beach activities and now that she's walking, I think she'd have a grand time!  I see a family trip to the Emerald coast in our future sometime soon hopefully!

We made it out just in time to see an EPIC storm roll into Galveston.  It was a rocky ride home but we had a fantastic day for spending together on the beach!

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