Sunday, March 6, 2016

Up from San Anton

Just after Christmas we finally made it out to the Hill Country.  We have been wanting to go since we moved here.  It's just a 3 hour trip but boy does the landscape change!  We visited a Hyatt Resort boasting with indoor/outdoor heated pools and even a (non-heated) lazy river! We also referred to the trip as our "culinary tour of San Antonio" because I had done all the research on the best of the best places to eat and we went out of our way to make sure we hit every single one.  I'm going to have to workout twice a DAY to work off this trip!

The first day we got there it was quite rainy.  We decided, let me rephrase that, I decided we would go to the outlet mall at San Marcos, I had heard there was a Lululemon outlet there and I was dying to check it out.  I wasn't disappointed and the guys made the best of it, even buying more than I bought myself.  

The place we stayed had one bedroom, a ginormous bathroom and a living room.  The boys took the sleeper sofa and Lillian, well she took the closet.  You have to be resourceful when you're traveling with 3 kids.  It was nothing a few blankets and a sound machine couldn't fix.

Since it was just after Christmas, the decor was still up and the ambiance was still there.   The giant fireplace captivated these two.  It was cozy since it was the actual one or two days of Winter we had in Texas this year.  

LouLou's bakery was famed for it's extra large cinnamon rolls.  It wasn't a fancy place by any stretch but the cinnamon roll was just perfect.  Shareable and delicious.  It was about as "Texas-sized" as they come.  It surprised even us when they brought it to the table.  The boys ate it for breakfast over the next 4 days, no joke!

I still got snuggles from the eldest!  


The Lazy river was NOT heated but these crazy cats thought they could still swim in it.  I had to get it on video and it was totally worth it.  Esp since Lincoln thought he could just climb out but quickly realized he'd have to use the stairs and it was painful!  Funny stuff!  
Later on he said his legs felt like ants were crawling on them!  Hypothermia maybe?  Haha!

  We couldn't leave without giving BBQ another try, even though we think Texas BBQ is a little sub par compared to Alabama BBQ.  We had called up some friends to meet us there also.  We met this couple at our last all inclusive resort right before we moved to Texas.  We were instant friends and have kept up through a couple of years and babies!  It was great to see them and get to meet their little one!  

She still lets me rock her to sleep and I didn't mind at all! 

You're looking at two of the best big brothers out there.  They love Lillian to pieces and it shows!

My biggest and littlest!  

We heard about the place that grills up Texas sized burgers and knew that was also on our culinary tour.  Chris Madrids was another dive that came up several times when asking the best of the best.  Nothing fancy on the outside but inside they server burgers that look like THIS!
Do you SEE all the ridiculous cheese coming off that burger?  

Then we finally made it to the Riverwalk.  I had been wanting to see this since I moved here and well, it wasn't as impressive and I might have thought but it was still something to see.  They were draining the water for cleaning so it was so low that you could see all of the trash and debris that was thrown into it.  (DON'T LITTER KIDS!)  The little still had a fine time running around there.  

Those are the famous umbrellas you see in lots of photos along the riverwalk.  

And this is what you look like when your family takes you on a whirlwind vaca and keeps you up far past your bedtime!  But this is also the look of exhausted FUN!

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