Monday, March 7, 2016

My Hot date to the Houston Auto Show

Jackson and I had a special day date down to NRG for the Houston Auto show.  It was exciting for him since he's such a car connoisseur.  He was able to tell me lots of things about the cars!  We tried to do all of the fun ride along things first.  These jeeps went over logs, and huge mountain type structures.   Some you couldn't even see over the top!  The next BIG thing was the two McLaren cars that were a late addition to the show.  Now, if you're like me, you thought McLaren was a fancy umbrella stroller but alas, there is also a CAR company called McLaren and they run in the range of 3-5 MILLION dollars.  Seriously, I couldn't even STAND that close to something that costs that much for fear of breathing on it the wrong way!  

Jackson had no problem posing with the overpriced pieces of metal on wheels though!  He thought it was super cool, along with most of the other people there!

Some of the other old cars were pretty cool to see also!  It gave me a real Downton Abbey feeling to see some of them!  

This was our ride in a Dodge Truck.  A mounted selfie camera would be a new car feature.  Why doesn't my van have one of those?  I'd be scared of what type of pics it might actuallly see!

Spider man was climbing all the buildings in town.  

And then he fell off the buildings...

He was also strong enough to turn this truck right over and sit inside the bed.  

Then he did a little tight rope walking across Niagara falls!  His skills as a super hero are pretty impressive!

We had a good time, and it was a great date with my oldest little who's growing up too quickly!  We grabbed greasy burgers before heading home for the day!  I hope he remembers these moments because they are times I never want to forget!

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