Monday, April 11, 2016

My baby and her babies

There is nothing that makes my heart smile more than my baby tending to her babies!  Its another one of the long list of things that made me HAVE to have a girl!  I loved playing with babies and can still remember it fondly.  She loves to read books about babies too and I can remember reading those very same books!   She's a great little mommy.  She's into baby wearing and has several different strollers for different types of walks.  She never leaves their blanket or paci at home and if they have a hat, it needs to be on their head!  

Our babies love to swing High!

And sometimes the only way to get dinner cooked is to put them on your back and get to it!

Sometimes we walk our babies to the store...

And we end up with quite a load on the way home.  We live close to the store but not that close.  Little legs have a hard time keeping up!  This pic takes the "mommy hook" to a whole new level!

I love to see her be inventive with the beds and wraps she chooses.  Most moms are quite resourceful and she is no exception!

She also lets them eat Cake!  All good moms let their kids eat cake for breakfast!  Just ask her!

She's even willing to be mom to the ones without a mother.  She saw the pile at the Disney store and she wanted to take them all home!  No one can say she doesn't have a big heart!

She takes her baby down the slide safely in her lap.  She counts 2-2-free!

And she never leaves them without a big hug!

But there are still times when she proves to be MY baby. And I love ever single second of it!   Little does she know, she will ALWAYS be my baby!

Sometimes she has a whole bunch of babies that need tending to...

And sometimes those babies get the boot.  They were probably throwing a 2 year old tantrum but you see where that gets you with this strict mama! (Promise, i've never tossed her onto the floor!)

She gives some of her babies a bath.  And she double checks to make sure all their ewww's are clean!

Sometimes you take your babies on a walk...

And you end up injured and riding back in their stroller while your brother rushes you home for a band-aid.  

Lucky for me, my baby still  needs me to tend to her sometimes too!

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