Saturday, August 6, 2016

10 on... Nevermind, it's the whole end of Spring!

What started as a simple 10 on Tuesday has turned into 3 months later and a whole list of things I need to catch up on!  Then those kids got out of school for summer and demanded non-stop fun and food.  Apparently it's my JOB to provide both for them!  But that's led to severe neglect in writing.  Bare with me as I try to remember the significance of each photo from the months of April and May.

We bought a COW!
Well, technically we bought 1/4 of a cow.  And it came to us neatly processed in these packages to fill our little chest freezer with grass-fed organic Angus for approximately the next 9 months!  It's the BEST beef I've ever tasted and it's great to always have it in the freezer.  So...send me your beef recipes and I'll share my best ones too!
This was the first winner:

I love how toddlers get stuck on ONE book and can't read any other book at bedtime.  Lillian picked this one out at the library and we have read it every single night for weeks.  We even had to recheck it because she couldn't let it go when it was time to return it.  Isn't Lola the cutest toddler?!

We attended the Astros game for friends and family night of Chevron-Phillips.  It wasn't Lillian's first game but it was a lot more fun with her this year!  It helps we all had meal cards and could get tons of junk food to keep her busy!  

She wasn't so sure about meeting the crazy green mascot.  He was funny from far away but proved to be a little creepy close up!

This was as the game was entering in it's 10th, (yes, 10th) inning!  She was a trooper for such a long game, we just wanted to see who ended up winning this one.  Hint:  It wasn't the Astros.

Game Changer:  These Jicama tortillas are SO SO SO good.  I love tacos.  Like breakfast, lunch and dinner love them.  But, the are not always the healthiest choice.  These fix part of that.  These have a little crunch, sport only 8 calories each and can be found in the produce section of your local HEB.  The only downside is that you gotta eat them fast!  No preservatives means they go bad quickly.  So you have to do like me and get creative.  Eat them with eggs in the morning and with turkey at lunch.  They'll be gone in no time!

I bought our bedroom suit before we got married. I found a great deal on all the pieces and used some leftover "scholarship" money to buy it.  We have had it for 13 years and I wanted a change.  I considered buying new or at least some pieces new but wasn't really finding what I wanted.  At least not in my price range.  The jury is still out on whether we want to upgrade to a King bed at some point because we SUPER love our mattress.  So I went another direction.  I decided to paint it.  All of it.  I already had the paint color because it's my favorite.  It's a dupe for Annie Sloans french linen but its a latex base+paint by behr.  I was thrilled with how it turned out and went on to paint all the pieces of the suite like this.

Lincoln had a bike wreck.  Not that unusual since Lincoln is my clumsiest kid but this one sent us to the ER.  We have these stand alone ER's here that are on nearly every corner so while it's mostly annoying to see ANOTHER ER going up, it' was super convenient when I decided I need to take him. 
He hit the high part of the curb on his bike and the handle bar hit is bottom gum line.  I am not usually outside supervising but today I was there and saw the whole thing.  Lillian was outside playing as well.  I knew when he hit that it was bad but wasn't sure how bad.  Jackson took charge of Lillian and I took Lincoln inside.  One of my grossest parenting moments to date was pulling his gums off of the top of his teeth.  I wasn't sure what it even was but I new it was ER worthy.  At the ER Jackson remained in charge of his 2 year old sister while I took care of Lincoln.  Jason was at work and showed up as soon as he could.  Lincoln turned out fine and after a trip to a oral surgeon we decided that he would heal up just fine.  But let me tell you, it was pretty gross looking.  He had a tiny puncture on his chin from his teeth but it could have been much worse.   

Jackson and Lincoln played flag football in the Spring.  It was our 3rd year to play flag.  The boys like it and we like that it's a Saturday only sport.  With Lillian we had to tag team the 4-5 hours of practice/game but she did pretty well while she was there.  

I need this cup.  Or maybe I don't.  Some things are better kept secret.

We called it "family date night".  Jason and I were due a date night but didn't have a sitter and the kids are all pretty much old enough to endure a short meal so we decided to take them.  It was PIZZA after all.  We went to Grimaldis on the waterway.  

The brown eyes and the blue eyes!

Lincoln is always leaving his shoes outside.  So when he went to put them on, he sits in the floor of my bathroom and out jumps a FROG!  No kidding.  I squealed, Linc laughed and then I yelled for him to GET OUT!  Boys.  This is the epitome of BOYS!

A tiny baby top knot!  She's wearing a tunic top mom made for someone, oh about 30ish years ago!  She's holding her favorite puppy and her "coffee-milk" cup.

These bars!  They are so good.  I saw them on a fitness blog and had to give them a try.  It boasts 21g of protein and it taste just like a rice krispy treat plus it has sprinkles on it!  You can order them here.

A little stroke of marketing genius!  Give that lady a raise (because we ALL know it was a WOMAN who thought to put the wine in the diaper isle!).  One stop shopping at it's finest!  

Another little vintage favorite of mine!  She is my sunshine in every way!  

I got to attend an epic concert with my super fun girlfriends here!  It was the "I love the 90's" tour featuring Salt n Pepa, Rob Base, Tone Loc, Kid n Play, All for One, and Young MC.  It was fun, hilarious and made us all feel a little bit old!  We had a blast singing along and laughing all the way!  

I think that pretty much wraps up our spring and leads me to try to start our summer adventures.  Just as we approach the back to school season.  

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