Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In September, Jason and I took our bi-yearly adult trip with our best friends to somewhere amazing and tropical!  It's essential to our marriage to try and take that trip every other year.  This year, we had waited until September to get the room we wanted.  It meant the boys were in school and we had to ask dad to come out and stay with them.  I never really thought twice about asking him and booked him a flight soon after we booked ours!  
Most people were enamored that my DAD could handle my THREE kids for an entire 7 days alone! (oh and there's also a small dog thrown in the mix!)  I didn't even flinch at the thought.  I knew he could handle them.  I knew they would love it and I knew he would love it more!  He's pretty special and I love them getting to spend time with him.  I do feel lucky(and jealous) that he made staying a week with 3 kids look so easy!  I'm not sure I can do the same and I am their MOTHER!  

He got homework done, folders signed, children bathed, milk replenished and even a couple of HAIR BOWS IN!  Now, she may or may not have worn the same pair of shoes all week long but she now has a perfectly good pair of play shoes that she commonly refers to as her "pawpaw shoes"!  
Meanwhile, We were doing lots of THIS^ and THIS v

And a little bit of THIS!  

You'd think he'd have jumped from my moving van at the airport but he didn't!  He didn't even look like he planned to buy in-flight cocktails!  
Let's all give it up for THIS GUY! 
 He saved our trip and made it look effortless!

That's MY DAD!

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