Saturday, April 1, 2017

Funday Friday

It was one cold Friday in January.  Lillian and I didn't have anywhere to be so all that was on the agenda was FUN.  And FUN was had.  We started the day dressed as Minnie mouse and kicked it off with a breakfast tea party.  A small pool served as the water reservoir to keep spills at bay.  Maggie (our American Girl) joined us.  We had some raspberries left over from breakfast and we used a porcelain tea set Jason's grandmother gave Lillian.  

I always say Lillian is like the mad hatter when she pours us "tea".  She pours it to the top and she just keeps going.  Never mind it spilling over her fingers and onto the towel.

Lucy wanted to get in on the goldfish being served at this elite tea party!  She had also decided that the pool dictated she change in to her swim suit.  Who am I to argue with a headstrong 2 year old on Fun Friday?  Swimsuit is is!  

After the fancy tea party was over, we moved onto science experiments.  It started with one box of corn starch.  It was created by adding water to it and turning it into a slimy gooey mess.  It was so messy that it needed the safety of the pool AND the bathroom!  

She quickly saw the value of being in the bathroom and commenced covering herself in said goo.  Luckily I was excused from all my daily duties during Fun Friday!  My boss let me have the day off from Laundry, making beds or even putting on regular clothes.  The work attire for Fun Friday was pajamas!  

None of the daily chores were accomplished but I can assure you FUN was had and memories were made!

We even went for a recreational swim after the messapalooza.  We are no stranger to recreational bath time but this one was dual purposed.  I didn't want my kid to turn into pure paper mache so it was necessary!  

Later we ventured out into the cold winter day (one of FEW we have here in Houston).

We went for a spin around the neighborhood and picked up all the cute boys that would hop in.  She might not be the best driver but with a car like this Baby Benze, nobody seems to mind!

Not every Friday comes with guilt free chore passes but I'm sure glad we gave ourselves this one!  

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