Friday, May 1, 2009

Why is the sky blue? and other toddler questions.

Jackson has always been quite a talkative toddler. He's never met a stranger and doesn't mind striking up a conversation with any passerby. His questions sometimes seem never ending! Although I've been impressed at times with how intellectual they really are. He doesn't just ask the normal WHY? WHEN? HOW? kinds of questions. He usually puts thought into it.
After Christmas, we were traveling somewhere and he asked us "Why don't you use the ABCS (translate GPS)? We had just gotten it and he was remembering what it was and what it did. Anytime you ask Jackson, "How are you doing?", he'll reply not just good but "I'm doing good!"
Today at Wal-mart, I spent a relatively long time browsing the cosmetics while dodging his questions and answering a few along the way. He was running out of things to ask and started looking around the store. He got my attention with this one, he asked, "Mom, why are the ceilings so high in Wal-mart?" Hmmm...Jackson I've never actually wondered that one so I had to admit I had NO idea. I'm thinking I should teach him how to Google. They always have the answers to my questions!

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