Monday, June 8, 2009

And we'll have FUN, FUN, FUN...

Jackson is really living the good life in AL for the summer. His days consist of riding the 4-wheeler, fishing in "the holler" (yes, that is a real term here), swimming and LOTS of ice cream. My dad and Jackson spend a lot of time together talking about things most 3 year olds don't care much about. He's learned all about the dams and locks on the river, he's gardening and picking squash and learning to drive the tractor.
Last week, Jackson attended VBS each morning. We would walk him there and drop him off. The baby also walked with us, sometimes in a carrier and sometimes a stroller. Everyday we asked Jackson what he learned about and he'd proclaim, "GOD, and Jesus". I guess he got the right idea, he wouldn't be more specific. Me, Jack and Linc went on Thursday to have our hand imprints made. We had our hands molded and will have statues made of our hands together in 12 weeks! Now that tiny little baby hand will be remembered forever.
On Saturday, we ALL went to the waterfall and Jackson walked around in the stream of water. He was supposed to walk in it but before it was over, he was face down in the water on purpose.
Today we went to the local splash pad. Jackson loved it, he said it was like Great Wolf Lodge. Not quite in my opinion but fun is fun to him.
My fun is getting to sleep in to 730 then wake up and feed the baby while drinking coffee in my cool cup (thanks, Mari!) and read the entire paper, cover to cover. I've been scrapbooking several times with girls from church and while Tracie was still here, we got in our sisterly shopping time! I even ordered an awesome new cover for my baby bjorn carrier. It's the cool designer colors and I LOVE that carrier so was excited to get it in. I also experimented with a new wrap/sling that I'm really enjoying. OK, yes I'm addicted to baby carriers! I'm still walking most every day, I hardly even had to slow down with the birth of the baby. I was lucky that the recovery came VERY easy for me. Well, a squeaky baby tells me it's time to eat again and the blogging to end.


  1. HOW ARE YOU SO SKINNY ALREADY!? You put that on to show off didn't you? ;)

    Here we all are bashing Jen S. for losing baby weight so fast and you are the same! Looking fabulous.

    Love Jackson in the river!

  2. How stinkin' cute!!! You look amazing missy! Smooches to those handsome boys of yours!!!! XO

  3. I have no idea "how to blog"... but I did want to somehow let you know that ..I saw, I read & I loved the pics. :) You are truely awesome Jamie!! What a testimony you are!