Thursday, June 18, 2009


This blog is to chronicle all the hilarious things my 3 1/2 year old says on a daily basis. He's always been a chatty little guy but never as much as now. We've even had to stop answering his questions or asking other questions to get him to stop asking why after every explanation. He still does it, even if he already knows the answers. I guess he's learning every day but my question is, "WHY?"

-recently during a trip to the river Jackson was remembering his last 4th of July in Birmingham when he rode on a "winter tube" with Papa Rex. That translates to the inter tube pulled behind the boat.

-On Monday, Jackson and my mom were sharing a snack and he came to me and announced that he liked "pepper-mint cheese" and wanted to know that the green stuff was in it, and what makes it hot. That of course, would be pepper-jack cheese to the rest of us!

-While listening to Disney songs for about the 1,000 time in the car, I caught Jackson singing along to The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea" but his translation continues to be "I'm in the Sea". I guess that works as well!

-Jackson has been infactuated with Michael Phelps ever since the Olympic games and all the gold medal talk. He turned into Michale Phelps every time he bathed or swam. At the last race I ran, he took my medal and proclaimed he was Michael Phelps. He still hasn't caught wind that Michael Phelps might not be the greatest role model anymore, better yet, maybe he's giving him some slack...every body's entitled to have a little meltdown under pressure.

-Jackson is a fan of the music from era's past. We listen to a broad array of music in our house from Elton John to the Eagles, Beach Boys to Johnny Cash. Jackson chooses his favorites and sometimes even makes up new lyrics to them...maybe he'll write music along with all his other ambitions in life. He and his dad regularly listen to a little know blue grass band called Old Crow Medicine Show and he can sing "Wagon Wheel" like no other 3 year old. He also has a fondness for Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire which he knows the entire chorus. Something funny about hearing him sing it. Jason's father's day card even sings "Ring of Fire" at Jackson's choosing. It's also one of those "record your voice" cards which is cool for us long distance parents! Another favorite song of his is the Eagles "Heartache Tonight" but his version sings "there's gonna be a Par-tay tonight, a party tonight, oh yeah". What can I say, like father, like son!

-On a recent trip to an outdoor mall, Jackson wanted to throw coins in the fountains so our friend Nicole gave him a nickel to toss in. When he tossed it we asked him what he wished for and he thought for a second and said...."mmmmm, I wish for............. MONEY!" Now THAT's what I'm talkin about! His idea was more money to throw in the fountain but I'm thinking deep down, he meant mommy some "new Jessica Simpson shoes" money!

-And lastly, several months ago, when Jason was still home we were having dinner together. Jackson often eats before and after us because he protest eating his vegetables and we go into an all out WAR about it. One particularly difficult night, he must have fulfilled his requirement but reluctantly. After Jackson was put to bed we sat down to watch DVR. An hour later, we heard him talking in his room and muted the TV to hear him. I walked over to the door and heard Jackson loudly singing(from the Madagascar movie)..."I like to move it, move it...I like to move it, move it...but I don't like to eat my vegetables! It was priceless and a great laugh for us.
Now that's it for round one of Jackson-isms. There's sure to be more where that came from!


  1. So funny! I hate it when the kids start growing out of saying funny things. I love mispronunciations and having to translate for people. (In our house " fireworks" means 'steam', so when you're draining pasta.... you get fireworks!)