Friday, June 26, 2009


Five: There are 5 miles to be ran in the morning at the Hellen Keller Annual 5 mile race. I will run those 5 miles through downtown Tuscumbia and Spring Park. We will start the race at 8am and end at the Colbert County court house. It's not a bad course, some large trees shade the road but the heat is sure to be a scorcher. Last weekend, I accomplished the route in about 1 hour. We'll see how tomorrows time differs.

Four: I am 4 weeks post baby! I've had some people (Kryste) think I'm nuts for running 4 weeks post partum but I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't feel like it. I have been up to it since week 2. This was just an amazingly easy recovery for me. I think God was trying to give me a break since my husband is gone and I had a baby without him. Come to think of it, if that's the case, I'm going to ask him to leave next time as well! Besides, all this running gives me an outlet for deployment anxiety and at least 30 minutes a day away from the kids!

Three: Yes, the picture below proves I ordered 3 pair of shoes from Why not, they have free shipping BOTH ways! I was unsuccessful in finding the running shoes I needed around here so I ordered a variety pack to choose from. Yes, I chose them for the way they looked! If I'm gonna get all hot and sweaty in the AL July heat, I wanna look good doing it! But the ultimate test was how the running shoes felt. The winner was the Brooks Adrenaline. A close second and possible back up pair were the ASCIS Equation. So after a small investment in Asian engineered rubber and fabric, I'm the proud owner of new Shoes! And what girl wouldn't love that!

Two: I'm also the proud mother of 2 boys! Although I haven't ran with both of them in the double stroller, it's ready when they are! We are so enjoying being in AL for the summer. I never knew how much I could love someone until they came along. I'm so thankful for 2 beautiful and healthy boys. I'm also thankful to their father without him, conceiving his clones would have never been possible. It must be nice to have 2 mini-me's running around and get to see yourself grow up all over again.

One: I am ONE woman, on a mission! I've got a mission of running 5 miles tomorrow, hopefully 13.1 before Jason comes home next April and simply making it through yet ANOTHER year long deployment while raising a brave soldiers children. I look forward to saying mission accomplished to the last one the MOST!

Speaking of missions...Jason will soon begin flying actual missions over Afghanistan outside the base. He's been flying and training to progress recently. He's all trained up and his mission status will begin soon. It makes me nervous but happy to see him doing what he was sent there to do. Please keep him and all the soldiers in your prayers...until they all come home!


  1. 1) You're awesome and inspiring. But I still want you to look like crap in at least ONE picture at some point in time. PLEASE?????

    2) Those boys are adorable and precious and I can't wait to smoosh Lincoln.

    3) Good luck tomorrow!!! Hope it feels great!

    4) 13.1 by April..... here WE come! DO IT!

  2. So proud of you!! You inspire me to get my butt going after Ethan. You are an amazing mom and wife for sure. I know that Jason, Jackson and Lincoln are all so proud of you!
    side note: isn't it crazy how we carry them and all the lil' stuff but they are clones of their daddies!! :)

  3. Hey are you up for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in TN or is that too close when your man is coming back from the dirt? Its suppose to be a great run!

  4. You are make me want to run....maybe I will and be able to run with you when you