Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Land of the Alumni- War Eagle!

Last weekend, the kids and I set off on a 4 hour journey to visit my college roommate for her 30th birthday. Her husband had contacted me about coming for a visit to surprise her and in the day and age of text and facebook technology we were able to communicate without speaking until we arrived. Yeah, things have came a long way since we were in college!
So, when we get there, she is shocked to see us standing in her living room. The last time I saw them, I was pregnant with Jackson who is now nearly 4!
We had a fabulous weekend. We drove all around campus and pointed out the remarkable changes taking place as they build and tear down. In places, it doesn't even look like the same university! We ate at our fav. restaurant, Amsterdams. This was the restaurant reserved for a)family weekends or b) "I just aced that test" rewards since in college it seemed kinda pricey for a sandwich! Then we took the kids my 4 y.o, her 18 month old and my 3 month old over to Coldstone Creamery. It was only about 99 degrees in the famous plains and we wanted adorable pictures of our kids eating ice cream on the lawn of Samford Hall. As we walked, the ice cream melts...EVERYWHERE. It was total chaos to get them in place and instruct them to "be cute" and don't make a mess! All lil G was saying was "mess, mess" as he rubbed his ice cream onto his hands and the ground! While honing my photographer skills, I should have skipped my portion of ice cream because it was more like soup when I finally got to eat it. My hips would have also thanked me. Oh well.
I have to admit, college life was quite different with 2 kids in tow. It made me realize how EASY life was back in those days.
I guess one thing hasn't changed. I missed Jason then (USMA) and I still miss him now. Somehow, I think I was groomed for this job.

Funny story: On the way home from AU monday morning, I needed a cup of coffee. Lincoln needed out of the car seat to reslove his crying issue so we stopped for a fill up. I always pay at the pump, what mom doesnt? Then I unload BOTH kids and my wallet to get my coffee. Mind you, Lincoln is STILL screaming and Jackson is asking a million questions to which I'm anwsering, "don't touch anything, hold my hand, stay close to me" (oh,yes, we are in Montgomery, AL). I go inside holding Linc, keeping up with Jackson while attempting to open 4 of those impossible little creamers and stir my small cup of morning happiness. As I walk up to the register and feebly attempt to count out my money, I make the obvious statement to the cashier...THIS, THIS (pointing to my entourage)is how badly I wanted this cup of coffee! Where's a drive thru Starbucks when ya need it?

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