Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Space Cadet

Jackson is always interested in space and rockets. He got a very large and complex matchbox space shuttle, complete with rover and 2 alien aircraft, for Christmas. He even knew the planet names a year ago. We’ve looked through a telescope and been to the planetarium at mom’s school(he is personal friends with the astrology teacher). He is quick to point out the moon, especially in the daytime. It seemed fitting for him to visit the US Space and Rocket Center while we were here in AL. It now features a replica rocket from the Saturn V mission to the moon. It has a "yellow submarine" so we proceeded to learn the words to the song! It also features space shuttle pathfinder. My Dad and Jackson toured the center while mom and I attended a baby shower. Jackson's favorite part of the shuttle was the "space toilet." BOYS! This is Dad’s photojournalism. I laughed at how far away he let Jackson get to try and get the entire rocket in the photo. Just another adventure in the long list of fun things Jackson gets to do while in Alabama!

Jackson simulating ZERO gravity!

We all live in a yellow Submarine!

The potty of outer space!


  1. awesome! we are thinking of taking James there...always have plans to do stuff and never do it!!