Friday, June 25, 2010

It's MY party (Alabama version)

So in Alabama, we party BIG. Especially when it gives our whole family(minus my mom's brother's family-they were stranded AT THE BEACH for 3 days with car trouble, have you ever heard such a thing?) a reason to visit with my boys and EAT. And while we're on the subject of BIG did you see this cake? I mean REALLY?! Our famous cake maker didn't disappoint in making the prettiest cake for a one year old that I have probably ever seen. We were super resourceful and took the top layer off so he could eat it next year. Oh, wait, no that's wedding cake, we actually took it off to use as his "smash" cake for a future photo shoot (Ah the perks of a Nana Photographer!) Nana also made the cute hat for Linc and when Jackson saw it, he wanted to make one for himself.
Ok, so back to the family reunion style party...we held this gala at River Heritage Park in Florence but it's better known as the Marriott Splash Pad. It's a HUGE splash pad/in ground water fountain located right off the riverside cliffs near Wilson Dam. It has stunning views and its quite the hangout in the summer. We carted in tables, chairs, and utensils. We feasted on Pork Loin, BBQ, baked beans, cole slaw, cornbread, cheese dip and if that wasn't enough, we topped it off with cake and homemade ice cream! Lincoln was pretty serious about the cake. Soon he realized that there was plenty to share and he started feeding his brother, paw paw and cousin Logan. After dinner, we walked over to the giant splash pad and Jackson was off having a blast. Lincoln wanted to get in and crawl around but it is concrete and wouldn't be knee friendly. So, we let him get in with his pajamas on. It's really a new concept for the crawler. You'll see later, it can also be carried over to rocky bottom creeks and save little knees from certain injury.

This would be the famed photo shoot with the cake from the party. He was no stranger to cake at this point and smiling wasn't on the menu. He was interested in cake and we all know, nobody (or their camera) comes between a fat boy and his cake!

See some for me, some for Paw Paw.

Even brother got a taste test of cake. No forks needed here.

The birthday hats! They were cute, don't you want one now?

Lincoln in his soaking wet pajamas had to ride home in the buff. From the slumber he was in when we arrived at home, I don't think he cared.

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