Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's your POINT?

Yeah, yeah, I know I've been a blogging slacker but that's not at all what this is about. No, no. This is about my little pointer. Lincoln has always been a pointer. You walk into a room and he points right at you as if to say "YOU, yeah YOU!" He points at things as if to ask "Hey, what's that?" He points to say "LOOK!" Yep, he's a little pointer and I can prove it.

And speaking of pointing, I had put up new photos in Lincoln's room recently and the next morning, I walked in and he was distinctly pointing to THAT picture. He was telling me "Hey, that's new, I haven't seen that in here before today." Perceptive little things, aren't they?

He also learned to play peek a boo recently. We were out at our favorite sushi place for lunch and he would place his fat little hands ON TOP of his head then lift them off and say boo. We laughed and laughed at him with his hands placed anywhere but over his eyes.

We're pretty serious about oral hygiene on those 8 tiny little baby teeth he has. Serious meaning, when we can't find a paci, a tooth brush will do.

Just look at that, are you kidding me?
Here I would like to show you my favorite toy. This is what I like to play with when I'm bored, not sleepy or just in the middle of the night. I can turn it on with my hand OR my foot. It can go really loud too. Mom always hears it in her monitor. I can even turn it on and go back to sleep. I hear it was my brothers first and he did the same thing as I do.

Lincoln Mouse. The hat game resembles the peek a boo game slightly. I don't know which is more adorable.
Jackson calls this "Hodgie baby". Dad sent if from Afghanistan.
This is the house that Lincoln built. No, it's really not. It's not even the house that Jack built. His dad did it but he'd like to take credit. Lincoln is just adding the man back on top. He really likes to play legos. Something about doing anything he's NOT supposed to do.

He's also (as of yesterday) started full on walking everywhere he goes. And so the chase is ON!

While still a good eater, when he's done, he's DONE. He likes to let us know by tossing ALL the leftover food on his tray (the less desirable food no less) down to Roxy. At first, he just drops a piece or two to see if she's interested and pretty soon he's sweeping all that's left off to her when we're not looking. They seem to think it's a good relationship, until it's something like broccoli that she won't eat. Then it's just a mess on the floor.

Yesterday as I was cleaning bathrooms I noticed Lincoln had something in his mouth. When I removed it, I realized it was a tube of glitter and yep, he had a mouthful of it! I rinsed his mouth but figured it couldn't hurt him. Besides, if this plays out as well as it is in my head, I'm counting on having some pretty sparkly diaper changes coming up and anyone that knows me knows just how FITTING that really is. No, photos though, I promise!

One of Lincoln's favorite things to do is to lock himself into a room by going in and shutting the door. Then he goes hysterical because he can't get out alone.

Don't' get me wrong here but with all these adorable faces, it's still not uncommon to see a face like THIS.


  1. BAHAH! I love it..Hodgie baby!! You might be a military brat if... :)!!

  2. How cute are the pictures!?! I love the peek-a-boo ones. He's an adorable little boy!