Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy to Be

Today is one of those days. The kind of day you accomplish what you set out to do by getting up EXTREMELY early and meticulously planning down to our clothing for the day. It is also one of those days I'm really happy to have the luxury to be a stay at home mom. It's the little things, you know.
I ran my 4 miles with a friend at 545am. I came home, showered, dressed and fed 2 boys and poured a large cup of coffee before loading everyone up and heading to the car. (out the door by 8am really is an accomplishment)
We dropped Roxy off for her groomer appointment and went to the doctor for Lincoln's 12 month shots. I had remembered the lack of entertainment there and brought 5 books with me to keep my men still and quiet. I also miraculously had 2 organic lollipops that helped make the shots go off with not much more than a whimper. It is highly recommended. Jackson also had one for being such a good big brother.
After the doctor, we went into downtown Sanford and parked to just walk around and browse the shops there. We were on our way to play on the train but little did Jackson know, we took the long way around so I could window shop. We strolled the streets and I went into a few boutiques and antique shops. I may have even found another bed frame for when we put the boys in the same room. We found out about The Jungle Book play that is performed by children in August and we're making plans for that. We finally made it to the depot park and I had never realized that they have a fountain/splash pad that you can play in. Jackson happily played on the locomotive in the park while Lincoln and I watched the trains go by just meters away. When we were officially melting, we stopped in a local pizzeria for a lunch date. We were infringing on Lincoln's nap time but it was a great little lunch for us. We even found out about music in the depot park on Friday nights and now have a "date night" planned for next weekend.
We headed home and Lincoln was asleep by the time we started the car.
Yes, today was a successful day. Two cute boys, lots accomplished and quality time was spent. Today is one of those days, I'm just Happy to Be.

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