Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh the fun we have and the mess we make!

So this week alone, I've been a hotel manager, a bug collector and a customer at a local produce stand. Oh, and how could I forget restaurant owner. Jackson really likes to pretend and in his imagination, he and Lincoln become the adults. This week, they were staying at my hotel and having breakfast at my place while telling me about his sons. His sons were named Daddy, Papa Rex, and Paw Paw. I inquired into what his sons do and he said "Daddy drives an Army truck, Papa Rex flies an airplane around and Paw Paw just rides around and plays in ice. (FYI my dad runs 4 self serve ice machines and Jackson thinks they are the "coolest")
He and his brother Lincoln were staying in their respective rooms at my "hotel". They enjoyed a nice meal of frozen pizza at my restaurant too. He always says thank you for the great food he enjoys at my place!

I got this corn from the local produce farm and Jackson asked if he could sell it from his Gator in the back yard. (also FYI, my grandfather sells produce grown in his garden at his home in Alabama. He took the 3 ears out and then came inside and announced that there was corn for sale. I went outside to purchase some corn for dinner and as a bonus while buying an ear, he showed me how you can also use the corn silks as a mustache!

We were hosting a little dinner party and here Jackson hosts his own dinner party with lemonade and cheese. He sold his lemonade to our dinner party guests. I'm pretty sure Roxy ate the cheese when he walked away.

Lincoln gets his mess on with his first taste of spaghetti. In true Lincoln style, he didn't leave a spec on his plate.

These are the bugs collected just this week. I have to admit the June bug is dead but I am the lucky one that found it. Knowing my bug crazed 4 year old, I squealed as I picked it up and ran it to it's final resting place in the jar.

We even make messes when we make muffins for morning playdates!

Or when neighbors bring over chocolate cupcakes! Linc is beginning to be an old pro at cupcakes. He finds using both hands is the most effective way to indulge.

But these are the messes I want to remember forever. The huge imagination, mess in the kitchen, dirty faces to clean up.
Oh, and I almost forgot my altercation with the law this week. You see a policeman in my home arrested me. Why you ask? It was not because my shorts were too short, although that is a possibility, it was for not wearing my seatbelt. Now I know, when I see the handcuffs come out, RUN!

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  1. I love absolutely everything about this post. You have one adorable family.