Sunday, July 25, 2010

Redneck Yacht Club

This is the kind of fun you get to have when the mama's and the poppa's visit! We decided on the lake this fine HOT (over 100) Saturday. We had to take 2 cars and for that I was thankful. I'm not much of a fisher but I do love to ride/play on the lake. This made it easy to do both.

The boys took off with the boat in tow and mom and I were in charge of grabbing the fast food on the way. At 10:30, we pulled up to McDonald's and placed our order for 6 cheeseburgers and a 50 piece nuggets. Did you know they don't stop serving breakfast until 11? Well, they apparently didn't get up at 530 with kids!

We drove to Sanford, sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes all to obtain our daily cholesterol. After we accomplished that mission, we were on the lake and enjoying our voyage and our $20 heart attack.

Jason and I were able to go one the tube together for once and it was really fun. He got up on ONE ski (showoff!) and then rode around on 2 for a while.
We saw one of this years new bald eagles flying around and Jackson got to show off one of his favorite places on the lake...."Look, nana, there it is...Birrrrrrrrd island". It's a creepy little island in the middle of the lake with large nests and infested with weird water birds on and surrounding it. We like to chase them around in the boat and watch them fly off.

Nearing our time to evacuate the lake and let the big boys fish, that's when we found our new hangout. I'm half kidding and half not but we arrived at the lake's official redneck riviera! Boat's strung up together, people floating on noodles with their beer in blue jean coozies. Yes, that's a pontoon boat with a SLIDE built onto it. There was even a guy floating around on his surf board with a paddle. It was redneck heaven and we are thinking of joining them next time!
Maybe we'll be members of the redneck yacht club too!


  1. Brrrr - it's winter here in New Zealand - I'm jealous!! Looks like so much fun!! (-:

  2. I want to join the redneck yacht club! The boat with a slide in it has been cracking me up for a minute. Glad you found a fun way to cool off!

  3. I have never been a fan of lakes or boats, but this recent heat and your post is maybe changing my mind! Looks like it was fun!