Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lincoln Lately

Lincoln has finally started putting a few words together. Sometimes they come out a little demanding or accompanied by a pouty face but he's talking none the less. I wanted to record some of the words he is saying, along with their explanation or translation, for remembrance sake.

OH, WOW- Anytime we see any, i mean any type of construction vehicle, Lincoln says this. Loud and pronounced, he's in awe of construction. Lucky for him, we're living in a booming area for construction.

SHOOS- (shoes) we still mostly wear robeez or soft soled shoes until summer time comes when we will move up to fisherman sandals but either way, Lincoln loves shoes. He likes to try on my running shoes or daddy's boots. And I can't forget how little ones like to go overboard with words. We don't just say SHOOS once. It goes on for about 5 minutes on repeat!

NOOO (nose)-Lucky for us we all have one and Lincoln keeps account of everyones. He's not into eyes, ears or any other body parts but he makes sure to point out everyone's nose on a daily basis.

Yeah-no translation needed. He knows what he wants and when you ask him he chimes in with a brute "Yeah". Do you want to watch the ABC songs? Yeah Do you want to go nite nite? Yeah. He'll probably be a man of few words. "Yeah" will probably always be one of them. I apologize now to his future wife.

No- also no need to translate. It's obvious he's learned this word by now but the funny thing is how often he gets "Yeah" and "No" confused. After a recent trip to the church Nursery we asked Lincoln, "Did you have fun today?" "NO," he says. Well, "Did you eat anything?" "NO," again. Did they even change your diaper? "NO" And we knew all of these things were true. Also one of our famous questions that he seems confused on, "Do you want me to give you a spanking for that?" Lincoln says, "Yeah!" Hmm, I think he might have it a little confused. Or, maybe not.

"Ma, Nack" -(Mom, I want a snack) My little man of few words is SO demanding with his voice. He doesn't just request a snack, he demands it on the double. Usually before I'm done pouring the milk, he's already sprawled in the floor crying about my delay. Patience is a virtue that we need to work on. But to hear him with this demand makes me thing of a little Italian boy from Jersey sayin MA!

Nana- This could mean one of two things. Usually, it is accompanied by the famous MA, and that little pointing finger directing me to the fruit bowl on the counter. It is usually filled with bananas for my little monkey. When it's not, he goes over to the bowl and points anyway to say, "MA, get me some more bananas!" I can see now, feeding this boy as a teenager might become a challenge. The other meaning is what he calls my mom. Nana is the one he always gives him what he wants and does it on the double so that their is no tantrums on the floor. She's frees him from any situation Lincoln finds unpleasant so Nana's his go to girl! Sometimes it's really confusing when he wants to ask Nana for a nana!

Pee pee- In true boy fashion, he knows what it is and what it does. I hardly ever lay him down to change him that he doesn't claim, pee pee. Yes, Lincoln, I know. That's why we're laying here. He's even been known to tell me as it's happening. Potty training? Ha, I'm not even ready to go there with this headstrong child. Maybe I'll try it naked style this summer in Alabama?

Ewww-I can't for the life of me figure out where he learned this one. (Insert 5 year old brother). When he has a dirty diaper and I lay him on the changing table, he starts to babble "Ewwwww, Ewwww." He's got a point. He can be pretty rotten sometimes. I'm sure it all started when Jackson would screech that when Lincoln would enter his space with a foul smelling back side. He's not quiet about much and besides, how much fun is it to say Ewww about something and not get in trouble for it!

Me me-(no translation) My little pint sized boy with a giant attitude has been known to hurl this obviously unkind phrase at me when I've done something he doesn't approve of. Usually in the form of physical punishment (hand spanking). He's look at me with those angry eyes and furled mouth and usually slapping at the air while saying "Me, me" in his meanest voice. It's kind of funny right now but I can see it being something we'll have to get into check later on.

Other things Lincoln is doing right now:
He's a big help with throwing things away. He will toss anything you ask him to. Sometimes he'll even toss things you DON'T ask him to. He's famous for taking any Shoos (shoes) that are lying around his room and tossing them into the diaper trash. I was sure he'd thrown away his video monitor one night. He didn't. That's another story.

He knows the Clean up song. We use it to get Jackson's room picked up and he seems to really get it. Sometimes better than Jackson! His version sounds more like "meeeee mup, meeeee mup"

His favorite movie is also one of Jackson's favorites. It's a 1990 VHS tape of kids singing bible songs and nursery rhymes. It was a pretty low budget film but they really love it. He calls it the ABC movie and asks for it by singing "A B bi bi bi" in the alphabet tune. He's also asked to watch it by saying "shhh, shhh, shhh" referring to the mommies on the bus say...

Lincoln still drags around his bumper pad by the ties. He loves it and gets giddy when I will take it out of the crib for him. Sometimes I find him pulling and tugging trying to free it from the thin slats of the crib. We take it on every trip with us like it is a stuffed animal. To each his own lovey!

He is a great night time routine guy. We read, we rock and then he goes round kissing everybody while saying Nigh nigh in that sweet little sleepy voice.

Love that little guy, I'm happy to be his "MA!"

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