Friday, January 28, 2011

Waffle Wars

Most mornings, we're running out the door with seconds to spare for preschool. I usually have one (or two) coffee cups to carry along with my 30lb appendage known as Lincoln. Sometimes we have time for part of a yogurt cup at the table before shoe time and other times, we're eating breakfast on the go. Many a morning, Eggo's nutragrain blueberry waffles have kept us full and syrup free in the car ride to school. We usually encounter some of the terrible Fort Bragg traffic along the way that brings us to a halt. As we eat our waffles, Jackson finds it fun to put a name to our edible creations. Our most common in the begining is Noah's ark. The rounded bottom makes it all kinds of boats. As it is devoured, it can become a sail boat, a kayak, a speed boat. At some point it usuallly becomes a rocking horse. As it diminishes, it becomes a mini boat or a mini rocking horse. He likes me to show him the shape after each bite so he can determine what it is. It's a pretty fun game and it's cool to see how he uses his imgination. Sometimes, I totally see it, others leave me wondering. Maybe we should start a reality TV show called waffle wars. Hey, it could happen!

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